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New Trailer for Ford V. Ferrari has us Thrilled

If you’re not excited for the upcoming film Ford V. Ferrari yet, you need only to scroll down and click the play button on the latest film trailer, released June 2. But care and due diligence is necessary when you’re taking on one of the most revered stories in American motorsport, and it looks like this upcoming film is going to check all the boxes.

Hitting theaters November 15, Ford V. Ferrari tells the story of Shelby’s 1966 Le Mans effort, along with the testing, development and racing that preceded it. The trailer is action packed, reflecting all the sexiness, scrappiness and science of racing in the 1960s. The music, the dialogue and (most importantly) the cars are spot on, as FIA Cobras, Ferrari 330 P3s and MkI and MkII GT40s race by to Gimmie Shelter by the Rolling Stones.

From what we’ve seen so far, the film’s focus will be through two key characters, Carroll Shelby, played by Matt Damon, and Ken Miles played by Christian Bale. Given the complex relationship of between Ford and Shelby, and Shelby’s faith in Mile’s experience, we’re sure to see some stuff here that’s beyond surface level. The tensions and the magnitude of this underdog effort are already evident in the trailer, and the film should cover some historical ground over the development of the GT40 from its earliest iterations to the ’66 Le Mans winning MkIIs.

The trailer itself is a treat for the senses, with big-block exhaust notes, sepia-toned ’60s scenery and brilliant wide-angle driving shots that highlight these beautiful cars. By early evidence, it’s clear the team did their homework behind sourcing correct replica vehicles for use on set. We’re excited to hear how they accomplished this work — maybe that’ll be a DVD bonus feature.

As stated, the film debuts November 15 of this year, which will be a painful wait. But with this two-minute teaser as evidence, a worthwhile one.

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