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Ford v Ferrari: Everything We Know Now

New trailer debuts for Ford v Ferrari film

By Dean Larson

A new trailer dropped today for the upcoming film Ford v Ferrari, and that combined with recent interviews with the director and cast, got us thinking it’s about time for an update. We’ll assume most of you don’t have time to watch a few half hour interviews to scratch the itch before November 15, so here are a couple of our takeaways. (If this is your first introduction to the film, read our initial article here)

Like the first trailer we saw back in June, the latest two and a half minute teaser covers a lot of ground, allowing even the uninitiated viewer to understand the conflict between Ferrari and Ford. But furthermore, this latest trailer underscores the conflict between Shelby and Miles, along with Shelby’s team and Ford corporate.

Expect the conflict and collaboration between Shelby and Miles to play a lead role in the film, evidenced by both the trailers and interviews with the cast. Both Matt Damon (Carroll Shelby) and Christian Bale (Ken Miles) emphasized that they were not necessarily car people, but were drawn into the film from the personal side, and the dynamic between the characters.

The rest of the cast reflected similar sentiments, but from the driving scenes in the trailers, we’re thinking they nailed it. Director James Mangold summarized that he didn’t want the movie to rely entirely on dramatized green screen racing shots. Instead, action shots were the real deal whenever possible and Mangold states that he wants viewers to feel as if they’re inside the car. Yahoo reports that the film was shot for around $100 million, and is one of the rare big-budget productions these days that’s not a sequel or super hero movie.

To that end, Mangold summarized the difficulty in shooting Ford v Ferrari that likely explains why we haven’t seen a production of this nature since Rush:

“The studio took a big risk making a movie where there is no best-selling book, there is no super hero, there’s nothing that compels an audience to come. Especially 12 or 13 year olds.”

But the proof is in the pudding as they say, and we’ll be waiting anxiously for November to see how they’ve done. This latest trailer shows even more of the physical details we praised in the first trailer, including Mk 1 GTs with wire wheels, USRRC Cobras battling C2 Corvettes and the early aerodynamic methods employed at Shelby — all over the throwback sound of the contemporary band Greta Van Fleet’s Highway Tune.

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