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						Smyth Beetle Ute 2
New Smyth Beetle Truck Kit

Smyth Performance New Beetle truck kit

Photos courtesy of Smyth Performance

Wareham, Massachusetts, based Smyth Performance specializes in constructing DIY kits for transforming average commuter cars into functional utes. Having completed kits for German sedans, Subarus and the late-model Dodge Charger, Smyth turned its attention to its most compact pickup conversion yet, based on the late-model Volkswagen Beetle (1998-2011). Pointing out that the Bug is reliable, plentiful and dirt cheap, the aging 2000s era VW design was a prime candidate for a pickup conversion.

Like all Smyth conversions, the New Beetle kit starts by removing the roof aft of the B-pillar, and the rear quarters and bumper cover. From there, everything is included in the kit, like the 1/8-inch aluminum bed structure and B-pillar reinforcements, which replace the chassis stiffness removed with the roof section. Next, 1/8-inch thick aluminum inner bedsides and corrugated bed floor are installed with the supplied fasteners. The kit is finished off with a functional tailgate, custom fiberglass bedsides and a fiberglass rear window surround. The result is a functional pickup truck bed in a unique and safe two-door mini truck.

Smyth Beetle Ute 1

Smyth Performance founder Mark Smith insists that the new Beetle kit provides any capable gearhead the ability to build a fun and affordable ute that everyone can enjoy. And it looks like customers agree, as Smith claims that the Beetle kit instantly became a best seller with roughly 100 kits sold.

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