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New Products from the SEMA Show Pt. 2

12 more new products for replica and kits from SEMA 2019

Progression Ignition HEI Distributor with tuner app

This new HEI distributor from Progression Ignition boasts smartphone connectivity, enabling you to tune ignition timing using an iOS and Android supported smartphone app. The unit allows for real time data streaming of rpm, MAP and timing advance, along with automatic start retard and a theft-prevention ignition lock mode. Maximum spark energy is provided up to 10,000 rpm, and a 2.5 bar MAP sensor is included for turbocharged and supercharged applications.

Progression Ignition | progressionignition.com | 714/332-9990

Progression Hei

Revology Cars 1966-’70 Mustang Coyote Swap Airbox Assembly

The Coyote Swap airbox assembly from Revology Cars allows the Gen 3 Ford 5.0-liter’s mass airflow sensor to work properly in 1964.5 to ’70 Ford Mustangs. The Gen 3 MAF is very sensitive, and requires smooth, linear intake flow. Revology’s kit consists of a fully enclosed airbox, apron plate, prefilter, and MAF tube. The intake is finished in matte silver to match the intake runners.

Revology Cars | www.revologycars.com | 800/974-4463

Revology Airbox

Revology Cars 1964-’70 Mustang Coyote Swap Pedal Assembly

Designed to swap the 2011-current Coyote engine into a 1964.5-1970 Mustang, this pedal assembly relocates the brake booster and master cylinder outboard to provide room for the engine. The kit includes pedal support, firewall and dash mounting plates, pedal pivots, brake pedal arm and pad, pedal linkage, brake switch and bracket and hardware.

Revology Cars | www.revologycars.com | 800/974-4463

Revology Pedals

Speedmaster Complete Bolt-In Rear End for Factory Five Mk4

This complete rear end assembly from Speedmaster was designed as a bolt-in solution for Factory Five Racing’s Mk4 Roadster and Type 65 Coupe. The solid axle kit comes with a 12-inch rear brake kit with a built-in emergency brake. Laser-cut brackets including top link and trailing arm brackets are also included.

Speedmaster | www.speedmaster79.com | 909/605-1123

Speedmaster Rear

Speedmaster Ford TopLoader Wide Ratio Four-Speed Manual

Speedmaster’s Ford TopLoader four-speed transmission features an aluminum case and wide-ratio gearing. The transmission is rated to 500 hp, and has a 10-spline input shaft and 31-spline output shaft. Gear ratios are 1:2.78, 1:1.92, 1:1.35 and 1:1.00.

Speedmaster | www.speedmaster79.com | 909/605-1123

Speedmaster Trans

Speedway Motors Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drums

Following the trend of early customizers who machined Buick drums to work on their Fords, Speedway Motors has released Buick-style brake drums for ’40 Ford-style backing plates. The finned aluminum drums are internally balanced, and feature a widened mounting face and a 5 x 5.5-inch mounting pattern.

Speedway Motors | www.speedwaymotors.com | 800/979-0122

Speedway Drum

Speedway Motors Rear Center Cap Delete Plate

Speedway Motors’ center cap delete plates add functional styling for American Racing Torq Thrust-style wheels, Salt Flat Specials, Appliance, E.T. Mags and other wheels with a bolt-on center cap. Delete plates are raw aluminum and work with any center caps retained by five screws at 2 1/4-inch spacing from center to center.

Speedway Motors | www.speedwaymotors.com | 800/979-0122

Speedway Caps

Thermo-Tec Modular Coolers

The new Thermo-Flow modular cooler system from Thermo-Tec is a unitized cooling system for a variety of fluid systems in your vehicle. The modular system consists of alloy coolers with both internal and external cooling fins to increase surface area and amplify cooling ability. Plumbed in series in a side-by-side or stacked configuration, the setup can be custom tailored to achieve the desired fluid cooling level for oil, transmission, power steering, intercooler, fuel and other systems.

Thermo-Tec estimates that for every inch of tube, the system has 6.713 in2 of heat radiation, and an interior heat soaking surface area of over 5 in2 per inch of tube. A two-tube assembly has over 13.426 in2 of heat dissipation per inch of length on the exterior, or over 154.4 in2 of surface area to dissipate heat on the 12 inch cooler. With a heat soaking surface area of the interior of over 110 in2 to pull the heat out of any liquid passing through it.

Cool It/Thermo-Tec | 800/274-8437 | WWW.THERMOTEC.COM

Thermo Flow 2

Turbosmart Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate 60 Electronic

Turbosmart’s new electronic wastegate allows the fine-tuning of boost pressures in turbocharged applications without mechanical changes or swapping parts. The 45 mm wastegate uses electronic ECU input, rather than compressed gas, boost hoses, springs or solenoid hook ups, to moderate boost levels. The function of the valve is controlled via laptop ECU tuning and accommodates a wide range of boost pressures.

Turbosmart USA | www.turbosmart.com | 909/476-2570

Turbo Smart

Wheel Vintiques S/C Cobra, Grand Sport and "GT-40 Eleanor" Wheels

Wheel Vintiques is debuting new two-piece aluminum reproductions of timeless racing wheels. The S/C Cobra echoes the classic look of Halibrand-style wheels from the Cobra 427 racecar. It’s available in 15 and 17-inch diameters, and popular four- and five-lug bolt patterns. The Grand Sport wheel harkens back to the lightweight Corvettes of the 1960s, and is available in a 17-inch diameter with options for bolt-on, or knock-off. Finally, the "GT-40 Eleanor" wheel is tailored towards classic Mustangs, and is available in 17 x 7 through 17 x 11 sizing, with fitment options for Ford and GM.

Wheel Vintiques | www.wheelvintiques.com | 800/959-2100

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