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New Products from SEMA 2019 Pt. 1

New products for replica and kits from SEMA 2019

Sensor Tap

DashLogic SensorTap P4

SensorTap P4 from DashLogic allows you to wirelessly transmit readings from any 0 to 5 volt sensor to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Ideal for custom installations where you don’t want to cut up an original dash to accommodate more gauges, SensorTap P4 provides real-time readouts for four 0- to 5-volt analog input ports, each with 5-volt reference supply. The unit is firmware upgradeable through a Micro-USB port, and can be used for transmission temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, boost/vacuum, air/fuel ratio and more.

DashLogic, Inc. | www.dashlogic.com

Drake Cobra

Drake Automotive Group Cobra Intake Manifold

Drake Automotive Group has released a new intake manifold that is an exact copy of the manifold used by Carroll Shelby on small-block Cobras in the 1960s. The lightweight aluminum performance manifold features Cobra logos and a period-correct appearance. Licensed by Ford, the unit fits 260, 289 and 302 ci Windsor small-blocks.

Drake Automotive Group | www.drakeautomotivegroup.com | 702/853-2060

Fitech Tri Power

FiTech Ultimate LS Tri-Power and 2x4 EFI Systems

FiTech’s new Ultimate LS Tri-Power and Ultimate LS 2x4 electronic fuel injection systems provide the hot-rod flavor of original Tri-power and 2x4 carburetor setups with the performance of modern fuel injection. LS installation kits include three two-barrel, or two four-barrel throttle bodies, along with intake manifolds, injectors, fuel rails sensors and more. The ECU provides sequential fuel and spark control, as well as transmission controls for GM 4L60/65/80E transmissions.

FiTech Fuel Injection | www.fitechefi.com | 951/340-2624

Uni Steer

Flaming River Industries VDOG variable angle steering gear

The VDOG variable angle steering gear from Flaming River Industries creates a 90-degree steering connection at the firewall or steering rack. Providing flexibility for large motor swaps, tight header clearances and unusual cab configurations, the VDOG unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally and operates at a one-to-one ratio. The articulating-ball design increases adjustability and the output shaft is ¾-36 for compatibility with universal joints. The unit is available in billet and cast construction, and powder coating options are available for the cast version.

Flaming River Industries | www.flamingriver.com | 800/648-8022

Cammer Covers

Ford 5.0-Liter Cammer-style Coil Covers

Cammer-style 5.0-liter coil covers from Ford Motor Company mimic the look of Ford 427 SOHC valve covers. Covers are made from die-cast aluminum and are finished in black powder coat with laser-etched Ford logos. Stock fitment includes 2011 to 2017 5.0-liter Mustangs and 2015 to 2020 5.2-liter Mustangs.

Ford Motor Company | www.performanceparts.ford.com

Heatsheild Pipe

Heatshield Products Armor pipe kit

Heatshield Products Armor pipe kits significantly cut down radiated exhaust system heat in tight, temperature sensitive areas. The BioCool insulation withstands direct heat of up to 1,800 degrees and intermittent heat of up to 2,200 degrees. The kit includes heat-shielding material for 2.5- and 3-inch diameter pipes in varying lengths, along with metal tie straps for securing it to exhaust piping.

Heatshield Products | www.heatshieldproducts.com | 760/751-0441

Heatsheild Headline

Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit

Heatshield Products db Headliner Kit is designed to reduce interior temperatures and noise levels by blocking heat and vibration transferred from the roof panel into the interior. The kit treats approximately 15 square feet, and uses db Skin, a brush-on acoustic barrier material, to dampen vibration, and Stealth Shield thermal barrier fabric to block heat radiated from the roof panel.

Heatshield Products | www.heatshieldproducts.com | 760/751-0441

Ididit Center

IDIDIT Center Steering Box

Center steering boxes from IDIDIT are assembled to customer’s specifications and are available with various offsets and configurations. Boxes are ideal for mini/midget-sprints, period correct vintage racing, drag boats and rat rods.

IDIDIT, LLC | www.ididitinc.com | 517/424-0577

Lokar Classic Ls

Lokar Inc. LS Classic Engine Package

Lokar’s LS Classic engine packages provide a vintage look for modern GM engines. Packages can be customized completely to include intake systems, valve covers, valley plates, front accessories and more. Air-conditioning and power steering components are available, in addition to Corvette-style Fuelie intake manifolds.

Lokar Performance Products | www.lokar.com | 865/824-9767


Lokar Inc. Axishift

Lokar's new Axishift units allow the precise positioning of shifter levers in custom installations. Three starting attachment options are available, and the shifter lever can be rotated 360 degrees, and tilted 15 degrees in any direction to offer the right position. Machined from steel, AxiShift bolts onto TREMEC TKO-500 and 600, and T56, while the AxiShift Plus and Lite are direct replacements for the TREMEC control lever.

Lokar Performance Products | www.lokar.com | 865/824-9767


NGR Performance In-Line Fuel Filters

In-line fuel filters from NGR Performance feature 10 micron and 40 micron washable stainless steel filters and clear filter tanks for inspection. Inlet and outlet fittings are available in 6AN, 8AN, or 10AN sizes.

NGR Performance | www.ngrperformance.com | 786/520-6479

Performance Pe3

Performance Electronics PE3 EFI Plug & Play Kit

The PE3 Plug & Play EFI Kit makes installation and tuning simple for several popular engines. The kit includes a PE3-8400 Series ECU, PE-Wideband O2, engine specific wire harness and free tuning software. The ECU features onboard data logging and a pre-loaded tune file. Performance Electronics can also develop new kits for most other engines.

Performance Electronics Ltd. | www.pe-ltd.com | 513/777-5233

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