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						Msd Front Drive 1
MSD Front-Drive Distributor

MSD front-drive distributors for Chevrolet small blocks and big blocks

The Pro-Billet front-drive distributor from MSD provides a cam-sync signal for EFI systems in applications where a standard distributor cannot be used due to intake or firewall clearance. The unit is mounted on the front of the engine with a billet aluminum bracket and driven by a 9 mm belt from a pulley installed on the camshaft.

Distributor heads are CNC-machined from billet aluminum, while the cap and rotor are injection molded. A built-in, adjustable Hall-Effect cam-sync sensor includes an LED light for setup and adjustments. The band-clamp mount provides rotor phasing adjustment, and belt tension is also adjustable. Distributors are supplied with a cam gear, hardware and 9 mm drive belt. MSD supplies models for Chevrolet small block and big block engines, excluding raised cam big blocks such as Merlin, Donovan or Dart blocks, or GEN V or GEN VI.

Note: Must be used with a Jesel or Comp Cams Camshaft Belt Drive Kit and an MSD Flying Magnet Crank Trigger.

MSD Performance | | 915-857-5200

Msd Front Drive 2

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