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Vintage Wires 426 Hemi Ignition Wires

Braided Plug Wires for Hemi Engines

426 Hemi ignition wires from Vintage Wires provide unique, old school looks with modern performance for 426 Hemi applications. The 7.8mm braided spark plug wires start with a spiral-wound suppression core for compatibility with onboard electrical systems. Wires are then wrapped in a cotton braid outer casing which is lacquer covered for increased durability. Extended rubber boots and terminals for Hemi-style valve covers are fixed on one end and distributor cap ends are left unfinished so they can be custom cut to length.

Hemi wire sets can be ordered in six color options: black with two orange tracers, red with black tracers, red with black and yellow tracers, black with red tracers, satin black, and yellow with red and black tracers. Universal ignition wire kits are also available for six and eight cylinder engines.

517/424-0577; www.ididitinc.com.

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