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						Aston Martin Db4 Gt
Listen to the Aston DB4 GT Continuation Sing

Aston Martin DB4 GT continuation

By Dean Larson

Aston Martin revealed back in 2016 that they intended to produce a small run of DB4 GT continuation cars. We’ve waited around for a year, and now we’re finally starting to get a few more tid bits to scratch our Aston itch.

Every single part of the new DB4 GT is truly brand new, with many of these parts being entirely handmade. The lightweight aluminum bodywork is shaped by hand like the original. The dogleg gearbox and straight-six engine have been recreated also, although the continuation models feature a slightly larger 4.2-liter engine. Otherwise, the dual-overhead cam engine is exactly like the original, down to the Weber side-draft carburetors. The exhaust note is crisp, and fitting for a high-strung early ’60s racer.

The new DB4 is a completed, brand new classic car, not a builder. As such, the car is not based on any existing chassis and does not conform to modern vehicle standards. For these reasons, the new cars are legal for track use only, and are fitted with a few non-standard items including racing seats, a modern roll cage and a battery shut-off switch. The DB4 continuation’s lofty purchase price also buys you a ticket to Aston’s track program, which afford owners access to racing circuits and driving lessons.

Aston will produce 25 continuation DB4s at the Aston Martin Works facility, adding to the 75 examples produced initially from 1959 to 1963. Unfortunately, all were spoken for almost immediately, and sell to the tune of $2,000,000.

The rest of us who can’t afford an ultra-exclusive piece of Aston ancestry have only to sit back and enjoy the symphony of the straight six and straight cut gears.

Video segment by Carfection/Roadshow

Photo by naeem mayet - Aston Martin DB4 GT-2.jpg, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52514125

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