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						Torque Trends Electric Miata
Lightning Strikes Miata

Torque Trends Miata electric vehicle.

To demonstrate its new ev-Torque Box gearbox, Torque Trends has converted the hugely popular Miata into an electric vehicle. A restoration, customization and electric conversion all rolled into one, this e-Miata very fast roadster. Using a 150 kW, four pole, three-phase ac motor from AC Propulsion that spins up to 13,000 rpm, the car’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is only 3.9 seconds, claims Torque Trends.

The e-Miata Roadster has a total energy storage of 22 kWh which comes from 100, 60- amp Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide cells. To preserve the Miata’s legendary handling, the cells are split into three different battery packs to keep the weight low and balanced, which actually lowers the car’s center of gravity.

With a 13,000 rpm motor that makes near full torque from 1 rpm all the way to 8,000 rpm, the car does not need a conventional multiple gear-ratio transmission. Instead, the e-Miata Roadster runs the ev-Torque Box which offers a single forward speed. In addition to being very quick off the line, it’s said to have a top speed in the triple digits.

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