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January Photo of the Month Winner

RCN Mag January photo contest winner

CONGRATULATIONS to reader Sam K., our neighbor to the north in Ontario, Canada, for taking home the top place in RCN's January Photo Contest. We’ve seen this one coming for a little while, as Sam has submitted a few different shots of his 1964 Corvette Grand Sport Wintersteen tribute car.

Grand Sport Chassis #002, which eventually was purchased by driver George Wintersteen, was one of five Grand Sports originally created by Zora Arkus-Duntov to take down Carroll Shelby’s Cobras in the early 1960s. In 1964, Duntov converted chassis 001 and 002 to roadsters to shave weight and decrease heat in the cockpit. Wintersteen purchased his roadster in 1966 from Roger Penske after racing for him for a short time. This is an interesting tribute to say the least.

It appears the Cobras are taking a brief hiatus from the podium where we usually see one sitting each month, however that was not from lack of effort. Reader Harold J. brought home second place with a beautiful photo of his ERA 427 S/C. Harold’s ERA #778 is powered by a Keith Craft 428-ci FE. This particular photo of Harold’s was taken near Tryon, North Carolina, and it’s a great shot.

Coming in third place is Brian L.’s 1970 Chevelle SS, which produces 1,500 hp on pump gas. Say what?!

The February contest is up and running, and you can probably guess which American classic is trying to steal the podium back. That’s right, there are continuation Cobras from Shelby, Factory Five and Backdraft. There’s also an ’05 Ford GT along with a Superformance GT40 in the running. Of course we have a few others you don’t see everyday, including a half scale Connetti Ferrari Monza replica. Please check out your fellow reader’s rides and vote!

Cast a vote for your favorite here, and you can also submit your own ride for our next round of voting here. Winners will receive free ReinCarNation t-shirt and may be contacted about their vehicle being featured in ReinCarNation Magazine.

Best of luck to future contestants, and thank you to those that vote!

RCN Team

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