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						Corvette Funfest A26
Grand Affair

A collection of Grand Sports at Corvette Funfest

What a concept! A massive gathering of Grand Sport Corvettes — models from the early ’60s, to C4 skunk-striped cars, to the latest C7 Stingray. Of course, the prospect of getting an original ’63 Grand Sport to show up is just about nil, considering only five were ever built and they’re each worth a gazillion bucks. No matter, as several nicely built replicas made the scene, and even took home Celebrity Choice trophies. Those are what we’d highlight in our coverage anyway. In fact, look for them in upcoming issues.

In addition, thousands of production Corvettes packed the show field. What draws them there? Every September, Mid America Motorworks hosts one heck of a party for Corvette owners of all stripes. Most of the cars are modified to one degree or another, as Corvette restoration and customizing components, along with accessories, are the company’s forte. So it’s no surprise that during the four-day event, the Install Dome is packed with cars getting new parts, such as tires, upholstery, exhaust and paint-film protection.

Even more enticing, though, is the aptly named event’s excitement, including everything from expert seminars to collectible Corvettes, from cruising through the countryside to free headliner entertainment. This year, Dennis DeYoung and the Music of STYX rocked the house, making sure everybody was able to “Come Sail Away” to the pleasant farmlands of Effingham.

Note, too, that Mid America is not limited to Corvette enthusiasts, as it also holds a VW Funfest every spring, which includes a wide assortment of Beetle-based dune buggies. So whatever your preference, Mid America puts on a grand affair for showcasing customized cars.

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