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						Dei Titanium Shield6
DEI Gen 3 Titanium Turbo Shield

Design Engineering Gen 3 Titanium Turbo Sheild

With hot exhaust gasses flowing through them constantly, turbochargers a huge source of heat that can affect underhood components and cabin temperatures. To control turbo heat, Design Engineering has released their most advanced turbo shield yet — the Gen 3 Titanium turbo shield. The inner cover is built from stainless steel fabric to resist becoming brittle or breaking down with heat. The following inner layer is made from stainless steel, glass fiber and silicone for increased strength and insulating properties. The shield’s main insulation layer is made from silica, which has low thermal conductivity. Finally the outer shell is coated in silicone to insulate, prevent fraying and protect seams, making the Gen 3 shield four times stronger than previous iterations.

Customers can choose between a complete installation kit and a turbo shield alone. The complete kit includes the shield, a 2-inch by 15-foot roll of Titanium exhaust wrap for down pipes, two 20-inch stainless steel locking ties and five feet of safety wire used to secure the shield. Shields are available for T3, T4, T6, T25/T28 and T6X turbos.

Design Engineering | 800/264-9472 | www.designengineering.com

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