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Coachsmithing aluminum Cobra builds

Aluminum Cobra bodies from Coachsmithing of Blair, WI.

Coachsmithing of Blair, Wisconsin, is offering aluminum-bodied 427 Cobra “builders” in several configurations. The chassis is built by Coachsmithing to original ladder-frame specifications except 0.120 wall DOM tubing is used on the main ladder, which is more rigid than the factory 0.090 tubing. Modern and original-style suspension systems are available and original-style panel hinges and latch mounts are used on the chassis.

The aluminum bodywork is also done in-house at Coachsmithing. Panels are made from 3003 0.63 aluminum and gas welded. Bodies can be purchased as aluminum body skins, or a complete shell including front and rear clips, door skins, and hood and deck lid skins. A chassis can be added for a body-on-frame builder or a complete roller. Early 289-style and AC Ace bodies are also available.

 608/989-2640  |  www.coachsmithing.com

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