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						Badass Grand Sport

Bad Ass Replicas Grand Sport

Formerly with another firm that makes Corvette Grand Sport replicas, Greg Stelma is now on his own, founding Bad Ass Replicas. He’s gone to great lengths to offer a well-built replica with Corvette C4 suspension. After years around the component car industry seeing the difficulty of building component vehicles, “I knew there had to be a better way,” Greg notes. He feels most never get built because the assembly is overwhelming – looking for donor parts, gluing panels together, drilling holes, riveting, and painstaking hours of bodywork. So on his Bad Ass repro, all that work has already been done. “Everything that we manufacture for these cars comes assembled as pictured, leaving no guesswork,” he notes. “This kit was made consumer-friendly, even for the novice.” For instance, the hand-laid bodies are assembled on jig fixtures for proper alignment, and hardware such as hinges, pedal assemblies, and inner doors are all custom-made to fit. The foundation has a 4-inch, round-tube chassis that accepts C-4 Corvette suspension (not included). Fabtron USA handled all the fabrication of all the inner workings of the body. He adds that the gelcoat finish on these cars leaves very little bodywork. It’s available as either a partially assembled (starting at less than $50K) or turnkey (call for quote). For the latter, he considered installing the latest LT1 engine from the C7 Corvette, but that proved to be a hassle for a variety of reasons, so the car shown here has a 454-cubic-inch big-block V8, and he says that just about any other GM V8 drivetrain should fit. 



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