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All-New Superformance MKIII-R

Superformance unveils contemporary MKIII-R Cobra

Photos courtesy of Superformance

Factory original is just one way to spin the wheel, and when you’re in the business of building dream cars, perfection is up for interpretation. Well aware that some folks prefer their classics with a modern twist, Superformance has unveiled their new MKIII-R, a fresh spin on their proven MKIII roadster with an aerodynamically-enhance body and contemporary features.

The MKIII-R retains the standard MKIII chassis, along with much of its original shape and its 90-inch wheelbase. The major visual tweaks start with the integration of a scalloped hood, and front and rear fenders, which provide ventilation and a more aggressive appearance.

The most unique feature of the MKIII-R package is probably the front splitter, executed in a body-contouring shape that gives the car a look of its own. Complimenting the splitter up front is an air diffuser in the rear. Other modifications include the use of 18-inch wheels with low-profile rubber, LED headlights, accent-color trim features and optional Wilwood brakes.

Superformance also embraced change in the interior with the addition of French-stitched leather seats, a leather-covered transmission tunnel and accent-color stitching. Standard gauges have been swapped out in favor of Superformance’s new electronic Speedhut gauges and an optional push-button start.

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