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						Aem Cd 7
AEM CD-7 digital display

AEM CD-7 Dash Display

AEM Electronics has a new 7-inch digital dash display with available data logging. Going to great lengths to ensure visibility in the brightest daylight conditions, AEM included a shade hood and glare diffuser into the high-contrast, brightly lit screen. CD-7 modules are fully configurable and totally unlocked with seven customizable pages. Within the seven pages (or screens), there is a dedicated startup page, a system warnings page with over 200 programmable warning icons and several pages of systems monitoring. Seven LED lights in the top of the housing indicate engine rpm and serve as a shift light. The system is rated IP66, a relatively high rating, stating that the system resists waterblasting from powerful jets and is mostly protected from dust. Monitoring channels utilize CANbus connections, a standard for automotive ECU applications, but not analog inputs. Available data logging on the CD-7L (logging) comes by way of a 200MB board logger, good for 24 hours of logging time or up to 100Hz/channel logging from CANbus inputs.

310/484-2322  |  www.aemelectronics.com

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