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Active Power 15-inch Wheels

Corvette running gear is seen on many replicas because it offers fantastic performance characteristics and the parts are readily available. However, the use of the Corvette’s larger brake components usually mandates that cars must run 17-inch wheels or larger, preventing builders from pursuing an authentic look. By reworking the Vette’s braking system and designing custom control arms, Active Power is now able to offer their Gen Two GT with more authentic 15-inch wheels.

Fitting standard 15-inch wheels onto Corvette running gear was easier said than done. Active Power started by reworking their Competition A-Arm kit, taking 1 1/2 inches of length out of the front and rear arms. This modification was enough to fit the 9 1/2-inch-wide Trigo rear wheel, but more modification was needed up front. A smaller brake caliper and rotor were used up front to clear the 15- by 7 1/2-inch-wide front wheel. GTs equipped with the Competition A-Arm kit retain standard Corvette spindles and emergency brake components.

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