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						289 427 Cobra Roadsters

289 or 427 Cobra?

By Steve Temple

Photos by Steve Temple

When it comes to Cobra roadsters, you have two basic choices: either the small-block racer or the big-block behemoth. (The slab-side street Cobra is a third option as well, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story.)

Proponents of the former point to its lighter handling, and the fact that a stroked small-block can generate substantial amounts of power.

As for the fat-fendered 427, there’s no substitute for cubic inches, even at the expense of extra weight up front (unless you go with a pricey all-aluminum engine).

It really all depends on what sort of statement you’d like to make, and how you plan to use the car. For charging around on a road course and twisty, two-lane country roads, the 289 is right at home. But for going mano y mano with other muscle cars, the 427 is the baddest dude in town.

It’s not always a simple decision between these two types of Cobras, but whichever way you go, the main thing is to just make it happen. 


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