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						Why Not A Vette6
Why Not a ’Vette?

Corvette tractor/truck pulling machine

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

There are some visual treasures only Craigslist can produce, and a ’63 spilt-window Corvette pulling tractor was something I didn’t know I needed until right now. Fresh from the junkyard, this one-of-a-kind pulling machine can be yours for the low price of just $5,900. Check it out here on Indianapolis Craigslist.

Tractor pulls are just about as American as it gets. As long as we’ve had cars to drive, we’ve organized events to see who was the fastest, and guess what, the same is true for tractors. Going back even further, tractor pulling actually pre-dates the tractor all together, as farmers would occasionally stage competitions to see whose horse team could pull more.

Tractors became a common sight in pulling contests by the early 1930s, and the sport had become a popular attraction across America by the 1960s. The National Tractor Pullers Association and an official set of rules were formed by 1969, and pulling reached new heights in the 1970s with huge arena performances and several different classes for tractors and trucks.

The pulling machine here Craigslist is certainly no tractor, but it’s not quite a Corvette either. A custom fiberglass body was built from scratch in the style of a stretched ’63 split-window and placed on a heavy-duty chassis with a giant rear end and Goodyear agricultural meats. Per the seller, the car was campaigned by John and Robert Hansen of American Industries (allegedly a metal framing and drywall company on Indiana), often at the Hoosier Dome.

Other than the rear axle and driveshaft, the driveline was pulled from the car sometime in the past. The seller states that there are a couple batteries remaining and dual brake pedals with masters, one for each rear wheel. A requisite amount of damage and aging is present for a car that spent several years outside at the scrap yard, but everything appears to be serviceable, and not too far from hitting the track once again.

Besides tires (and most everything else), this beast is going to need a heart again, and that’s where things get fun. A blown, nitro-burning V8 would probably be most appropriate in this application, but there are probably some other exciting options if you study the rulebook. I personally haven’t, so my imagination is running wild with thoughts of a twin-turbo 12V71T making 1,450 lb-ft of angry two-stroke diesel power. And if that goes against the rules I kindly ask that you don’t tell me so.

The seller is asking $5,900 here on Indianapolis Craigslist, but he’s a somewhat reasonable man, citing that anything from pickups to buggies, RVs lawn tractors, guns or anything else half decent will suffice in trade, except ex-wives dogs or children of course.

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