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Vintage Motorcars 550 Spyder

By Dean Larson

By now, you’ve surly read all about the Porsche 550 Spyder, its phenomenal track record, its complex Fuhrmann Engine and actors James Dean’s “Little Bastard.” But to a degree, it’s the original 90 cars and ultra-precise aluminum recreations that exist solely to honor this history. Accessible glass cars like this one, however, are dedicated to the driving experience, and this Spyder selling on BringaTrailer.com could be your everyday reminder of how good the original 550 is.

Built by Vintage Motorcars of Hawaiian Gardens, California, this ’56 Porsche 550 Spyder replica has all the character of Porsche’s original racer, in an accessible fiberglass-bodied recreation. The build is based on a powder-coated steel tube frame with rear trailing arms and torsion bar front suspension. An aluminum sheet closes the underside of the cockpit and the body is made from hand-laid fiberglass. The body features early-style taillights and rear air vents, and comes with a detachable headrest bump. In place of the original Type 547 four-cam engine is a 2,276 cc VW flat-four with dual downdraft carburetors.

The car has a nice mix of early Porsche exterior details without going overboard. A pair of leather belts secure the rear clamshell, while the front uses standard mechanical fasteners. The Plexiglas front windscreen gives the low 550 a racy and minimalist feel, and a Spyder wouldn’t feel like a Spyder without the aerodynamic driver’s side mirror. Wide-five wheels suit the 550 perfectly and modern Yokohama YK420 tires ensure that you’ll be able to make the most of the Spyder’s handling.

The 550 presents very well for a car that’s logged nearly 8,000 miles, and the photos highlight its cleanliness inside and out. Largely based on proven VW Beetle components, it’s likely that plenty more miles of enjoyment lie in this lightweight’s future. On the flipside, you’ll notice a bit of oil residue on the underside in the rear. We’d be willing to bet that’s from a leaky seal on the factory oil screen cover, or from leaky pushrod tubes. These are two weak points in the factory VW design, and hopefully these items have since been refreshed.

The current bid on the 550 Spyder sits at $10,300 with five days remaining in the auction. We’re banking on a sale taking place somewhere between $34,000 and $37,000, but $40,000 wouldn’t be out of the question if bidding heats up.

See it here on BringaTrialer.com

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