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Throwback Trike: 2018 Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan 3 Wheeler up for auction

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, BringaTrailer.com

Throaty V-twin engine, wind in your hair and sharp, spirited handling — all things that make a cruiser bike great. But for all the fun you can have on two wheels, there are certain realities to contend with — mainly the fact that you’re out in the open and unprotected if something should go wrong. Enter then the various three-wheeled vehicles on the market, including the Polaris Slingshot and numerous super-bike powered exos. And while they’re all fantastic vehicles, the Morgan 3 Wheeler is in a league of its own for nostalgic cyclecar thrills.

While it was Morgan’s four-wheeled cars that put the small British manufacturer on the map for most fans, it’s really the three-wheeled variants that built the company. In fact, Morgan’s founder, Henry Frederick Stanley (H. F. S.) Morgan, fabricated a three wheeler for his personal use in 1908, which would form the basis of Morgan’s first offerings.

H. F. S. and the new Morgan Motor Company constructed several single and two-seat three wheeler designs, which were categorized as motorcycles in Britain to avoid certain taxes levied on four-wheeled cars. But like any good manufacturer, Morgan sought to prove his three wheelers through competition. A Morgan three wheeler won the 1913 Cyclecar Grand Prix in France, and Morgan himself won the ACU Six Days’ Trial in the same year.

Morgan continued to produce three wheelers up into the 1950s, but found that cheap four-wheeled cars had become plentiful enough by the 1930s. The most spectacular of the three wheelers, were the Grand Prix, Aero and Sports models, which were developed for competition. In 2011, Morgan announced the upcoming 3 Wheeler model, which would celebrate the thrill of these storied sports specials.

This 2018 Morgan 3 Wheeler offered here on BringaTrailer.com is a great example of the marque, and has covered just 1,300 miles under single ownership. Power comes by way of a 1,978 cc air-cooled V-twin from S&S Cycle. Power is directed through a Mazda Miata five-speed transmission, which spins the rear wheel via a toothed belt. A thunderous soundtrack is emitted from its fishtail sidepipes, which should rival any cruiser bike on the road.

The 3 Wheeler’s streamlined bodywork is made from aluminum, and this example is finished in Morgan Sport Dove Grey, accented with black trim and wire wheels. The interior is upholstered in waterproof quilted leather, and a pair of aircraft-style gauges display “the bare necessities.” Small windscreens, a divided tonneau and a small trunk out back add a bit of practicality to the trike.

The market on secondhand Morgan 3 Wheelers covers a decent range, with more affordable examples selling for around $35,000, while newer, top spec units can ask above $50,000. Given the condition, year and options on this 3 Wheeler, we’d expect a sale price in the upper $40,000 range.

With two days remaining in the auction, the 3 Wheeler has been bid to $22,000. See it here on BringaTrailer.com.

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