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						Boosted Exobusa 6
Boosted ’Busa Power in Featherweight Exo

Turbocharged SVE Exobusa exo car for sale

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

When you really get down to it, it’s hard to refute that the sport bike is the pinnacle of lightweight performance. With outputs eclipsing production car power levels, the hottest sport bikes put down 200 to 300 horsepower and weigh less than 600 pounds.

But we purveyors of four-wheel performance know how dangerous bikes can be — if only there were a way to safely embrace these featherweight performers. While you won’t be dragging any knees (hopefully), machines like this SVE Exobusa exploit the lightweight, affordable performance of sport bike engines in a safer, four-wheeled format.

Built by Exo Sports Cars LTD, or Scuderia Veicolo Exoskeletal (SVE), the Exobusa is designed to be an ultra lightweight exo car powered by Suzuki’s popular line of Hayabusa sport bike engines. The car's major components are built in the U.K., before being shipped to the U.S. Currently, Dove Racing in Dallas, Texas, is the exclusive distributor for Exo Sports Cars' products in the U.S.

Billed as the fastest production motorcycle upon its debut in 1999, the first-generation Hayabusa put out 156 hp, and could reach speeds of 194 mph. The second generation Hayabusa (2008-current) puts out a staggering 172 hp, but its top speed was limited to 186 mph as part of an agreement between Japanese and European manufacturers starting in 2000. Both generation Hayabusas make use of liquid cooled, 16-valve DOHC inline-fours of 1,299cc to 1,340cc.

The Exobusa for sale here on eBay is a striking example, and likely one of very few floating around stateside (the owner claims there are just two other Exobusas are in the U.S.). The owner selected every available option when ordering the car, and an assortment of trick parts are included as well. Tillett racing seats, a paddle shift kit, OMP steering wheel, Racepak gauge kit and MoTeC standalone ECM are just a few of the highlights. The engine was sourced from a 2005 Suzuki, making this the 1,299cc first-generation engine, and the bike was allegedly in perfect condition with 5,000 miles on the clock. And as if the Hayabusa’s NA horsepower was insufficient, there’s a turbocharger hanging off the back, cited as a Pt26 ball-bearing turbocharger by the owner. The car is reported to be a roller at the moment, 80-percent completed with all the required components included in the sale.

With $40,000 wrapped up in the Exobusa, the owner isn’t going to give it away. The current asking price on the eBay ad is $34,000 — no small chunk of change. But with an estimated weight of 950 pounds, that’s likely the quickest $34,000 around, on four wheels at least.

See the seller’s ad here on eBay.

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