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						Dd Grand Sport
The Best D&D Grand Sport Out There?

1963 Grand Sport by D&D Corvette

By Dean Larson

Since the ’63 Corvette Grand Sport was built from the ground up as an all-out Grand Touring racer, the car is riddled with particularities and subtle details that separate it from the production Vette. The scoops on the rear fenders, vents on both quarters, distinctive hood bulge and rear-mounted differential cooler are just some of the necessary exterior items that allow you to apply those two special words to your C2. But beyond that, there are many interior parts and functional items that bring your Grand Sport to the next level, and this ultra-low mileage car for sale on Craigslist would fool all but the most experienced enthusiasts for original.

Starting from a walk around the car, you’ll find all the obvious exterior items to be in order. The various vents, scoops and speed holes are accounted for, and the paint closely replicates the original chassis number #003. The unique magnesium wheels are an area where many cars fall short, but this D&D hits the mark with real knock offs wrapped in Goodyear Blue Streak tires. The Grand Sport’s 350 ci Chevrolet V8 and engine bay look the part, and nothing feels overdressed for a purpose-built track car.

Climb into the driver’s seat of the Corvette and you’re greeted with one of the best interiors we’ve seen in a used Grand Sport. The original C2 gauge cluster is full of original-style gauges and controls, with the addition of a 200 mph speedometer. The dash center section is filled with a host of switches, Stewart-Warner gauges and labeling in an authentic, functional font.

Dd Grand Sport 7

If the interior add-ons didn’t distinguish this Grand Sport as a bona fide track car, it has a few other tricks up its sleeve. For quick pit stops, pneumatic nitrogen power jacks were added to the Vette on all four corners. At least one of the original Sports (#005) retains on-board jacks to this day. Also, a pair of jump-start lugs can be found under the car’s rear bumper and it is equipped with a fire-suppression system.The seller of the D&D doesn’t an explanation, but for some reason the car has hardly ever been used, and has just 61 miles on the odometer since its completion in the 1990s. The door data tag also details that this in an early D&D car, the third example to be equipped with a D&D VIN. It’s apparent that D&D built several cars before assigning unique VINs to their products, but D&D cars under #21 are considered to be early cars.

Unfortunately, this long-term storage has not been kind to all areas and corrosion is present in several places. The seller also has a substantial asking price of $162,500 for the car. This puts it firmly in the top portion of the market, and more expensive than many brand new Superformance Grand Sports. We appreciate the attention to detail on this car and its track-tailored add-ons, but for that money, I’d probably opt for the brand new, LT1-powered Superformance.

See the seller's ad here on Daytona Beach Craigslist.

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