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Solid Buy: 1974 TVR 2500M

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

Visually, there’s nothing quite like a classic TVR. The combination of a small physical footprint with the long hood and huge wrap-around rear glass is unmistakable, along with a front section that’s been likened to a bottom-feeding fish. But a classic TVR is also its own animal when you get behind the wheel as well, and quite possibly one of the best values out there in a classic British car. For sake of argument, check out this 1974 TVR 2500M on Seattle Craigslist that asks $19,500.

Like every great TVR, the M series combines a stiff tubular chassis with a fiberglass body and a spunky little engine up front. The main structure of the chassis comes from a backbone framework that runs front to back, which is further strengthened and supports the bodywork with a system of perimeter tubes. Independent double wishbone suspension is used on all-four corners, with 11-inch disc brakes up front and 9-inch drums in the rear — both sourced from the Triumph TR6. The fiberglass bodywork has a good, solid feel, and is secured atop the chassis with a number of bolts.

TVR expanded the basic M series formula to include the 1.6-liter 1600M, the 2.5-liter 2500M and several variants of the 3.0-liter V6 3000M. Based on production numbers, you’re most likely to find the 2500 and 3000 models here in the United States, and this 1974 2500M has to be one of the best buys out there on a TVR today.

She’s finished in a nice shade of burgundy red (possibly 27107 “Claret”), sporting a great set of alloy wheels and a tan interior. The seller notes that the car has recently been revived from long-term storage and is ready for summer driving. It’s interesting to note that this car is fit with triple Weber carburetors and the corresponding manifold, which should offer a nice performance boost over the original twin Zeniths. These are likely Weber 40 DCOE carbs, and a setup like this could cost around $2,500 in parts alone — that’s one hell of a bonus!

Asking $19,500 here on Seattle Craigslist, I think this 2500M is really healthy value for money. Provided an in-person inspection backs up the photos, this car seems underpriced when compared to other 2500Ms that have sold for less than $20,000.

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