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						Tvr Sagaris
TVR Sagaris Revived in Kit Form

TVR Sagaris kit to sell in 2019

The iconic British firm TVR has certainly had a wild ride over its 72 years in business, but its current organizers are reviving a classic TVR model with a fresh worldwide approach. A separate firm known as Grex Automotive will be offering the proven TVR Sagaris to a global audience in kit form for 2019. That includes the U.S. market, finally, however, just 10 examples are to be offered.

The Sagaris was originally offered by TVR from 2005 to 2006 as a front engine, rear drive sports car with straight-six power. The car was a spirited performer on the track and had successes in the British GT Cup, but was plagued by design and quality concerns. Despite its flaws, TVR fans coveted the Sagaris and TVR continued to be the quirky British car you hated to love. Devoid of modern features and driver aids, including ABS, traction control and air bags, the Sagaris was indeed a true driver’s car capable of a fulfilling driving experience.

Tvr Sagaris 2

The new Sagaris, dubbed the Sagaris GT, will only divert slightly from the original TVR formula. While driving aids and creature comforts will also be omitted from this model, the engine bay has been adapted to utilize American V8 power from GM’s LS engine series. Grex states that other engines can be accommodated and the car can be setup in right or left hand drive.

As some other kit manufacturers have done, Grex will sell the GT in separate stages that can help builders to afford the kit over time. The first four stages must be purchased together, but the remaining 10 stages can be purchased when the builder is ready. However, it’s important to note that shipping all the stages separately can add considerably to the final cost. If all 14 stages are purchased up front, buyers should count on an MSRP of about $58,000.

Snagging one of the 10 available kits could be difficult thanks to TVR’s cult-like following, however it’s quite unlikely that you’ll see another here stateside.

Head over to the Grex Automotive website for more information and availability.

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