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Slickest Panel on The Market?

International Harvester S-110 panel truck

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

What’s originally utilitarian and austere can become cool in the blink of an eye. Take this 1956 International Harvester panel truck for instance. Born into a life of servitude as a fire department fleet vehicle, this IH S-110 stood a good chance of meeting the crusher, or becoming overtaken with the tin worm once its useful life came to an end. But thankfully, the hot rod heavens and warm Colorado sun shined fortuitously on the lowly panel truck, preserving it as the patina-clad cruiser seen today on Orange County Craigslist.

International pickups and medium-duty trucks have always had what I consider to be a functional beauty. For example, is this truck nearly as stylish as, say, a 1956 Chevrolet 3100? I think most people would say not, but that only adds to the appeal. Functional and fewer in numbers, most International trucks have aged extremely well, but still lag behind the big names as far as value is concerned. But I’m sensing a growing market in the future for Internationals, especially seldom seen models like this short-wheelbase panel truck.

The S-110 was designed as a purpose-built iteration of the Travelall, International’s offering in the early sport utility vehicle market. With solid panels replacing the Travelall’s side windows, these trucks found work as a delivery trucks and fleet vehicles, like this one, allegedly owned by a Colorado fire department as new. The original no-nonsense 240 ci straight-six and T-10 manual transmission still power the truck today, and its siren still functions as well.

Sporting fantastic patina, the owner was wise to preserve the truck mostly as-found, replacing only the clutch, door glass and maintenance items. A set of 16-inch Rocket Racing “Solid” wheels and whitewall tires are the only visual modification (assuming the roof rack wasn’t a recent addition), and the owner has a set of 16-inch steelies as well.

60 plus years after its birth as a utilitarian transport vehicle, this International Harvester S-110 is now unquestionably cool and really unique. Kudos to the owner for preserving the vehicle as well, as it was probably tempting to customize it in other ways that would have diluted its originality.

The price for all this character is market-bending $18,000, but the owner states that a better price could be had if he retains the Rocket Racing wheels. We'd imagine a couple thousand off for the wheels and tires is possible, seeing as the wheels would cost over $1,000 alone. See it here on Orange County Craigslist.

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