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						Era Side Oiler

Side Oiler-Powered ERA 427

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

New Britain, Connecticut, based ERA Replica Automobiles was not only one of the early players in the replica game, but also one of the most respected. The company’s profile consists of an early small-block Cobra, a 289 FIA model, a 427 big-block Cobra and the ERA GT (which is no longer in production). Word is that there’s always a line for new builds at ERA, and it’s clear their products are desirable on the secondhand market as well. Dripping with infinite black paintwork over red upholstery, this ERA 427 on eBay is a sultry sight, made all the more enticing by an NOS 427 side-oiler engine under the hood.

The ERA 427 starts out with a proprietary tubular steel chassis that they tout as one of the strongest in the industry. It rides on an independent front suspension up front with proprietary control arms, with a tuned Jaguar IRS unit in the rear. 427 Cobra replica bodies consist of hand-laid fiberglass with load-bearing intermediate panels included. For interested parties, ERA discloses just about anything you want to know about the design of their replicas on their website.

Built back in 1984, this ERA big-block Cobra is a classic in its own right, but for the most part you’d never be able to tell, and the car has been taken care of, enjoyed and upgraded over the years. The most notable modification came in 1993, according to the seller, when the car’s second owner located a legitimate NOS (New Old Stock) Ford 427 ci side-oiler V8 in an original shipping crate. Preparing it for installation in the Cobra, the owner sent the engine out to Ronnie Sox Racing (of drag racing fame) where the compression was lowered from 12.5 to 10.9 to run on pump gas. The owner also cites that the pistons were ceramic coated and the whole assembly was balanced. Induction is handled by four Weber carburetors and 427 Cobra badged valve covers add a bit of bling under the hood. A Richmond five-speed transmission and 3.75:1 limited-slip differential completes the driveline.

It’s hard to imagine a sexier combination than black paint over red upholstery, and despite a little aging, the interior is still very presentable. The fire extinguisher is a welcome addition in such a valuable machine, especially one signed by Carroll Shelby himself, but it’s probably worth getting that rubber shift boot fixed ASAP.

Of course the ERA name and bona fide 427 side-oiler are going to add a premium to this car, and the seller is asking a healthy $89,500 for the car.

Check out the ERA Cobra here on eBay.

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