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						427 Street Cobra 1
Shelby 427 Street Cobra

Shelby CSX 6000 series Cobra

Driving a well-done 427 street Cobra could be just about the best of both worlds. With big curvaceous fenders, meaty tires and big block rumble under the hood, no one in their right mind would doubt its performance. But the car is also a bit more practical for everyday use with no side pipes to burn ankles on, and its slightly more reserved looks befit just about any occasion. Whether it’s a spirited drive down your favorite back road, or picking up a date for dinner, the street Cobra fits the bill. Pull up to the valet with a big roll bar and side pipes, and you’re bound to get a few looks. But show up in this this collected street Cobra, and no one’s asking any questions. Whatever the occasion, I know I wouldn’t need an excuse to get behind the wheel of this 427 FE-powered Shelby street Cobra on eBay.

As part of Shelby’s CSX 6000 continuation series, this street Cobra pairs authentic cosmetic and mechanical details with a few small improvements for safety and performance. Just like the original 427-powered roadsters, CSX 6000 cars start on a 4-inch ladder frame with independent suspension on all-four corners. To bring the whole show to a halt, Shelby fits 11 7/16-inch brakes with dual-piston calipers.

Buyers have options when it comes to powering their car, but with a 427 Ford badge on the front fender, it’s tough to beat an FE big block engine. This example is powered by one of the best FEs you could ask for, an aluminum block 427 ci Shelby Engine Company crate making 525 hp and 540 lb-ft.

The Cobra’s interior is second-to-none also and carries appropriate details for the street. The whole cockpit is carpeted nicely and honest-looking gauges and switches grace the dash. Tonneau cover fasteners are already fitted and a standard wide rear-view mirror is used instead of a Raydot-style mirror seen on many race cars.

When I look at this 427 for a minute, I can’t help but be reminded a bit of CSX 2000, Carroll’s first successful Ford-powered AC. The car seems to be finished in the exact same hue of guardsman blue, and like CSX 2000, it lacks the hood scoop, side pipes and roll bar used on the race cars. While the original car was powered by a small block engine and was not so generously proportioned, the lineage seems pretty clear here.

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