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						Hurricane Cobra 6
Rangoon Red Reptile

Rangoon Red Hurricane Motorsports Cobra

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

A bone fide FE big-block powered replica roadster in a striking shade, what could be better? Indeed, this Hurricane Motorsports 427 Roadster is a visual treat, and a significant value when you add up all the gear. After gazing at this car for a few moments though, I’m reminded of an original Rangoon Red Cobra with a dark past life. But first, lets dive into this Hurricane Cobra.

Likely purchased as a builder from Lake City, Iowa, based Hurricane Motorsports, this roadster now resides in Missouri as a completed competition Cobra. The typical competition features have been added, such as a single roll hoop and sidepipe exhaust, and it lacks the full bumpers and glove box seen on the street versions. Knock-off Halibrand-style wheels make the right statement in 15-inch diameters, and the interior is a treat with a Moto-Lita wood-rimmed wheel and Lucas switches.

Powering the car is a sweet 406 ci FE big-block, which is an iron-block 390 with some added cubes. Back in the early 1960s, Ford created their top-spec 406 ci FE by boring the 390 out .080 per hole to a final 4.13 inches. That’s exactly what was done with this engine, but it’s important to note that you’ll want to have your 390 sonic checked to be sure it’ll take an .080 overbore. Depending on the casting, some can safely be taken out .080, while others may only support .060 or less.

The 406 is topped with some nice accessories, including a Holley 750 in an aluminum turkey pan, an aluminum intake manifold, a "puller" cooling fan and a remote oil-filter system. The firewall was also upgraded to aluminum to get the right look. A TREMEC TKO 600 five-speed handles gear shifts, and a 9-inch rear axle puts the power to the pavement through stout 3.70:1 gears.

The exterior of the Cobra is finished in a distinctive Rangoon Red, which is a correct shade for a 1960s Shelby. Looking at this car reminds me of another Rangoon Red Cobra, a real-deal 427 street Cobra with an enthralling, albeit dark history. I’ll encourage you to read the full story here on Hemmings, as it’s unlike any other Cobra out there, but here’s a Cliffnotes synopsis:

CSX3184, a genuine ’66 427 street Cobra was stolen in Schnectady, New York, on March 3, 1968. The identity of the perpetrator is unknown to this day, but he spent his time in 3184 street racing along Route 5 towards Albany. After traveling just 15 miles in the car, the perp struck and killed a bystander crossing the street. In an effort to ditch the evidence, the individual drove to the nearby town of Waterford and drove the car into a canal lock, where the car sat for the next 13 months. After it was removed from the river in 1969, a talented mechanic was able to purchase the car for the sum of $370, and spent the next 40-plus years restoring it.

While I’ve covered most of CSX3184’s story, I’ll urge you again to get the full scoop and see the photos.

Admittedly the similarities between these two cars don't extend far beyond the paint shade, but it's an interesting bit of history that I'll always connect with Rangoon Red. Priced well below the market value of CSX3184 at $48,500, this Hurricane Cobra represents pretty good value for money. You're getting a zero-donor build with a great, hairy-chested powerplant, that's priced right in the middle, with entry level Cobras starting at $30,000 and complete, factory-built cars hovering around $60,000.

See the Hurricane Motorsports Cobra here on Kansas City Craigslist.

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