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						Cobras At Scottsdale 6
Precious Metal at Scottsdale

Gold, silver, bronze and green Cobras sell at Barrett-Jackson

By Dean Larson

Photos: Barrett-Jackson Auctions

Gold, silver, copper and green — not only are these common shades of precious metals and currency, but also a few of the most interesting Cobra replicas at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale, Arizona, auction. While the event featured at least 15 Cobras, all of which sold for solid money, we were particularly interested in these Lots for their unusual construction and shades. With selling prices cresting $150,000 (and over a quarter million for one example), these Cobras are definitely precious metal, and we’re seeing green.

Gold: Copper Kirkham Cammer — the Copperhead

In the hierarchical order of precious metals and those used in our currency, you wouldn’t exactly put copper on the top of the list. But in this case, the penny is as good as gold, as this Kirkham 427 SC fetched a whopping $231,000 including buyer’s commission.

That’s not a wrap or any other sort of tricky visual effect either — Lot No. 1388 is indeed formed from solid copper sheet, polished to a brilliant shine. With contrasting brushed racing stripes from nose to tail, the Cobra makes a show-stopping visual impression, but it’s more than just some processed copper ore that brought the big bids here.

Under the hood of the copper Cobra lives a genuine Ford SOHC “Cammer” engine of NASCAR and drag racing fame. A pair of Holley double-pumper Carburetors sit atop its high-rise intake manifold, and the valve covers compliment the body in copper as well.

Really it’s tough to imagine a more dramatic show vehicle than this one, and the only miles on the car are allegedly from driving on and off the trailer at shows. The prized piece in Texas-based collector Sam Pack’s collection, “the Copperhead” was the most valuable of the group given its ultra-rare engine and visual treatment. Someone bagged a new conversation piece, and will likely be making a lot of friends at their local Cars and Coffee — all it takes is a cool $231k.

Silver: Polished Kirkham Cobra and Daytona Coupe

Brilliant silver is a familiar look for Kirkham’s Shelby recreations, and there were two notable replicas that crossed the block — again from the Sam Pack collection.

The first silver Shelby was another Kirkham Cobra, Lot No. 1389 called the Water Moccasin. Crafted much the same as the Copperhead, this 427 SC wears a polished aluminum body with brushed racing stripes, Halibrand-style knock-offs and a black interior.

Power comes by way of a coveted Ford 427 Side-Oiler, topped with a turkey pan surrounding the carburetor and Cobra-branded valve covers. With 76 miles on the clock, the Water Moccasin bagged $165,000 high bid.

The second entry in silver was Pack’s Daytona Coupe, another Kirkham-built replica in polished aluminum. Unlike the Cobras, it looks as though Pack optioned the Coupe for more frequent use, as its powered by a Dart 363 ci small-block, backed by a C4 automatic.

From the pin-drive Halibrands, to the polished Kamm-tail, Lot No. 1389.1 was hot, and it’s moved onto a new owner for $143,000.

Cobras At Scottsdale 6

Bronze: Kirkham 427 SC in Bronze

So it seems that copper is gold, and gold is bronze, as this polished silicon bronze Kirkham Cobra also sold for big money at Scottsdale, but not quite the $231k achieved by the Copperhead. Attaining a gold color when polished, Lot No. 1388.1 is the perfect crescendo to Sam Pack’s Cobra collection.

Unfortunately we couldn’t come up with a commonly seen snake to name the bronze Cobra after either, and that’s possibly why this Cobra doesn’t bear a dash plaque namesake like the Copperhead and Water Moccasin. This Kirkham Cobra is outfitted much like the other cars though, with brushed stripes on its polished bodywork, Halibrand-style wheels and a black interior.

Powering the Cobra is an all-aluminum Side-Oiler V8 topped by bronze features, and a five-speed transmission handles gearshifts. Like the Copperhead, this Cobra has only been driven on and off trailers at shows, and also bagged a $165,000 sale price. Perhaps the car even went to the same new owner.

Green: Factory Five Mk4 EV

When is a yellow Cobra green? When it’s electric! That’s right, this Factory Five Mk4 Cobra replica is not only the color of cash money, but also shade of renewable energy. Lot No. 765 didn’t get big money like the Kirkhams of the Pack collection, but we think this Cobra represents an EV future worth considering, so let’s dive in.

This car looks like any other FFR Mk4 on the exterior, and it even has a manual transmission gear shift protruding from the trans tunnel, but a few visual clues hint at the alternative energy hiding under that bright yellow body. For one, there are no side pipes, but no matter, as street Cobras had under-car exhaust. But the grille opening has also been blocked with sheet metal, and any Cobra owner knows that wouldn’t bode with a conventional internal-combustion engine.

The electric conversion on this car consists of a 60kw battery system with two HPEVS AC35 motors, running through a clutchless TREMEC TKO 500 five-speed. Specs according to the listing are 2,300 pounds, 190 hp, 165 lb-ft and 0 to 60 in 6.5 seconds.

With a gear shift to rattle around with your right hand, and a top speed of 150 mph, this Mk4 provides some bright light in an occasionally dim EV future.

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