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Porsche Inspirations: Badel 480 Spyder

Badel 480 Spyder for sale

By Dean Larson

The beautiful shapes and mechanical simplicity of Porsche’s early designs from the ’50s and ’60s have inspired plenty in the replica community. Excellent options exist on the market from companies like JPS Motorsports, Beck and Vintage Speedsters, for accurate and affordable Porsche replicas. But beyond that, these designs have inspired builders to go even farther, tweaking the original lines, or building cars that remind us of these early Porsches. Seduction Motorsports and Runge Cars are a couple examples that come to mind. But this 550 Spyder-inspired build on BringaTrailer.com possibly adds a new name to that list — Badel Spyder.

Built by a man named Juan Badel in Colombia, the Badel Spyder is the basic 550 Spyder shape with some re-imagination and simplification in its design. Badel builds the cars on his own, utilizing rebuilt VW components and fabricating the aluminum bodies using wooden bucks and simple tools. The result is a distinctive shape, and Badel hopes that the cars are seen as unique creations instead of replicas.

Badel Spyder 3

This example, currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com, is definitely striking in the polished raw aluminum finish it currently wears. A few Porsche-inspired exterior touches, yellow roundels and Pegasus graphics reinforce the body’s minimalist image. That theme continues onto the interior also, where you’ll find just a pair of aluminum buckets, a singular gauge and a few switches and controls.

While refurbished VW parts have played a large role in Badel’s creations, this Spyder is based on (what looks to be) a well-designed tube chassis. The front axle from a VW Beetle was used, but this should simplify titling and registration. Out back, a floating suspension setup from a Formula Vee is used with a single adjustable Penske remote reservoir shock. A rebuilt 1,912 cc dual-port VW engine powers the Spyder through a rebuilt four-speed transaxle.

The Badel Spyder is overall an interesting take on the 550 with a unique minimalist identity. However, we’re left wondering why no one has installed a set of wide-five wheels yet, as it would surely be first on our list. Second, would definitely be a spirited rip down our favorite back roads though.

The car has a current bid of $12,100 with three days remaining in its online auction. See the BaT listing here for more. 

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