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						Grand Sport Conversion
Period Cover Car — ’65 Corvette Grand Sport Conversion

Grand Sport converted 1965 Corvette

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

There’s no doubt in my mind that this Grand Sport conversion by Midwest Corvettes made an indelible impression on readers when they received the April 1987 copy of Super Chevy magazine; its stylized red bodywork a mixture of classic Grand Sport cues and custom Corvette trends of the day. There may be more accurate Grand Sports available today, but this converted ’65 ’Vette remains just as enticing as ever, and arguably fair money at $90,000 given its extensive history.

Most times old race cars are just that — old race cars. But in the case of the five original Corvette Grand Sports, it seems that fans always understood they would be the most desirable Corvettes ever built. As rare as hens’ teeth, Grand Sport replicas started to appear by the mid 1980s, and this car was finished and on the road by 1987.

The April ’87 cover of Super Chevy lists it as a Midwest Corvette’s Grand Sport replica, but there isn’t much information out there on the marque. The finished product is quite good, mixing in some of the major Grand Sport design elements like the extended wheel arches, vented rear bumper area and rear fender scoops and slats. We don’t see the telltale rear differential cooler or the slats on the hood scoop, but it sort of gives the car a character of its own — half custom and half racer, enhanced by the Torq-Thrust style wheels and redline radials.

When it was finished, it was good enough to grab the cover of Super Chevy in 1987, and the owner explains that it was a three-part series. It was also allegedly featured in other prominent publications and shown at the Houston Autorama around that time. The car was restored some in the late ’80s and again in 2013, and it remains in immaculate, show-winning condition today.

For its fit and finish and overall build quality, I’d say this car has a huge leg up on older Grand Sport replicas. It’s a wonderful mix of custom and race car features with its own unique character. And talk about build quality, have you seen the engine bay and interior? No doubt this machine grabs trophies at any car show anywhere.

You could easily spend $120,000 to $180,000 on a new top-tier Grand Sport these days, while cars like this one ask between $60,000 and $90,000. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think this one’s close to the right money given its immaculate condition and highly publicized history.

Check out the Grand Sport here on eBay.

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