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						Zenos E10 S
One of Six Stateside— 2015 Zenos E10 S

2015 Zenos E10 S

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

The small British two-seat sports car has always been about nostalgia and a sporty driving experience. The best examples always paired classic lines with a peppy front-mounted engine, giving you something with loads of character and spirited performance for your favorite back road outings. The conventional British two-seater has largely disappeared though, drown out by increasingly complicated motor vehicle standards and far more affordable offerings from Japan like the Mazda Miata. But a new type of small British sports car is out there, one that embraces modern technology without forgetting its roots. One such example is the EcoBoost-powered Zenos E10 S.

Like you’d expect in a small British sports car, the Zenos has a compact layout with just two seats, a sporty engine (rear-mid mounted) and a manual transmission driving the rear wheels. Power is more than sufficient, given the four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost produces 250 turbocharged horsepower at a gnarly 7,000 rpm. But what you might not be expecting is the high-tech nature of the chassis, which is actually formed by an aluminum spine with a composite body structure and integrated steel roll bars and side protection. All that means that the Zenos is seriously light at just over 1,500 pounds, and the car is capable of 4-second zero-to-60 times.

The exterior of the E10 S is thoroughly modern in appearance with GRP panels forming the critical areas, which can be easily replaced in the event of a crash. The interior is all-business with a pair of composite bucket seats, two screens, a couple controls and a six-speed gearshift.

Allegedly one of just six in the U.S., this Zenos E10 S on Los Angeles Craigslist is a rare find with just 10 miles on the clock. It’s finished in black with white GRP panels and is in essentially new condition. The seller is asking $35,000 for the car, which is considerably less than an earlier E10 S we covered in January of 2019 for $47,000. There’s just one downside though, and the seller states that the car is offered without a title, and it seems the car has never been titled.

Find the Zenos E10 S here on Los Angeles Craigslist.

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