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Offers Considered: Halted 427 Cobra Project

Custom 427 Cobra project for sale

I have an affinity for incomplete or imperfect things, and cars are one of them. For example, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has walked past a perfectly restored car to instead look at something with dings, dents and patina’d paintwork. I wouldn’t say that this Cobra project has patina, nor is it really a barn find, but there’s something about the mismatched panels and black steelies that has me seeing the possibilities.

The seller is quick to point out that the Cobra project seen here on Phoenix Craigslist is not a kit, but more of a custom build started by his son. In terms of unfinished Cobras, we’d categorize this one as more of a body with some parts. Because even though it is currently somewhat of a roller, the chassis is pretty crude and is likely more mocked up than assembled (if the welds securing the Mustang II front suspension to the chassis are any indication). However, the chassis rails might be a worthwhile starting point for the next owner, provided they’re flat and square.

Going further, there are some sweet parts here to consider, starting the complete Mustang II front end and some aftermarket control arms. This setup has been a standard in the kit car and hot rodding hobby for years, and wouldn’t be out of place in a budget Cobra buildup. We’ll assume there’s a solid axle out back, which is fine by us, but it looks like four-lug axles were used, which would need to be upgraded.

But of course the big-ticket item here is the fiberglass roadster bodywork, which actually appears to be a nice piece of kit (pun intended). The seller makes no mention of the body’s origins, but it’s clearly a one-piece fiberglass unit in wide-fendered 427 S/C style. Doors, a hood, trunk lid and a hood scoop are all included, but not currently fitted to the body.

Obviously, this one’s going to need the lot — we’re talking a full build — and there are plenty of costs associated with that. Engine, transmission, wheels, tires, paint interior, wiring, etc. And with the $8,500 price in mind, you have to ask yourself at what price does this one make sense. For reference, Shell Valley sells its basic kit for just under $10,000, which gets you quite a bit more than is included here. Additionally, the chassis is a bit more of a known quantity with the Shell Valley car, where this Craigslist Cobra still needs quite a bit of fab work done (assuming the chassis parts shown are useable).

But as I stated above, the ramshackle nature of this Cobra in the photographs just has my mind racing with the possibilities. Maybe it’s those steelies and the white line rubber, or the mismatched body panels, but I feel like this Cobra is calling for a brighter future.

See the Cobra project here on Phoenix Craigslist.

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