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Mr. Voodoo: Unrestored ’58 Corvette Drag Car

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

Few things really stand the test of time, and that’s surely the case with old race cars. Even if they survive the rigors of regular competition (without meeting the business end of a concrete barricade), they’re often sold, modified further, re-painted or otherwise neglected. Remember, these cars weren't usually perceived as valuable pieces of history, but instead, banged up old race cars taking up garage space where a newer, more competitive car could be kept. So it’s safe to say the odds of a car like this 1958 Corvette drag car surviving nearly 50 years in as-raced condition are slim to none, making the preservation of the Mr. Voodoo C1 Corvette somewhat of a miracle.

From the best information out there, the story of Mr. Voodoo starts in 1961, when James Sparacino of Dallas, Texas, purchased the car and started racing it when it was a mere three years old. The Texan campaigned the car until his death in 1974, and if the photos serve as evidence, Sparacino was givin’ ‘er hell right until the end, lining up against a 1968 Chevelle SS, a modified tri-five Chevy and an AHRA record holding ’66 Mustang fastback.

Even after Mr. Sparacino’s passing in 1974, his family continued to race the car until 1977, when it went into storage in the family garage. Mr. Sparacino’s wife kept the Voodoo Corvette in the garage until 2006, when she moved into a home. The C1 Corvette presumably then passed on to its next owner, in the exact condition that Mr. Sparacino left the car in some 30 years prior.

All that is pretty remarkable, but things only get more exciting when you dig into the mechanical details of this ’60s time capsule. The engine is a 1963 date-coded 327, topped by the ubiquitous Chevrolet “double hump” heads, or “camel hump” as the ad states. These iron heads were used on hot Chevrolet 327 and 350 ci engines throughout the 1960s, and feature closed chambers for high-octane fuel. For that reason, these heads were the performance standard through the era for stock cars and drag racing, before the use of aluminum heads became more prevalent.

The rest of the small-block is also well suited for high-rpm passes, with a solid-roller cam installed, and an Edelbrock TR1 tunnel ram with two 660 cfm Holley carburetors hiding under a massive hood scoop.Like many GM racers were doing back in the day, the Corvette has been upgraded with an Oldsmobile rear axle with a 5.13:1 rear gear. The stock front suspension has been removed and replaced with a straight axle and a transverse leaf spring, and wide steel wheels give the car even more traditional flavor.

Not only is this car a very desirable Corvette, but it’s also clearly a well-preserved piece of racing history, in original condition inside and out. It goes without saying, but when you find an unrestored car, you don’t find ’em like this. The paint has just the right amount of character and the interior is in excellent shape with classic speed parts still in place. Show it or race it, this car is bound to gather crowds.

Find the Mr. Voodoo Corvette here on eBay where the seller asks $64,000.

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