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MGA Market Roundup

5 MGA coupes and roadsters available now on Craigslist

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Craigslist

Produced from 1955 to 1962, MG’s MGA was a stylish and sporty entry into the market and a resounding success for the marque with over 100,000 units sold. The car was available in coupe and roadster configurations, with the roadster being the far more commonly seen configuration. Both bodies exhibited streamlined styling that was a dramatic departure from its predecessor, the MG TF. Mechanicals were fairly basic, with body-on-frame construction, coil springs and wishbones up front and a straight axle rear suspended by leaf springs. Power came from BMC’s B-series four cylinder engines, in 1,489, 1,588 and 1,622 cc displacements.

No matter how you slice it, the book on an MGA ranges from around $8,000 in fair condition on up to around $40,000 in concours condition. The rarest of all iterations is the 1,622 cc De-Luxe model, and drastically more roadsters were sold than coupes across all models.

To get a good taste for the market on the MGA, we’ve assembled the following five cars that represent different segments, from project cars on up to frame-off restorations.

1. ’61 MGA 1,600 — The Drivable Project Car

"Sadly, I'm selling my home and losing my garage, so I have to say goodbye to a trusted friend."

Of course projects are a lot more engaging when you can occasionally get some use out of them, rather than a long-term occupation of of your garage. In need of some upgrades, this car will give you something to tinker with, without busting the bank or your morale. By all evidence, this car is a 1961 1600 model, which features the 1,588 cc engine rated at 79.5 bhp with front disc brakes.

The seller lists a good deal of maintenance over the years, highlighted by an engine rebuild and new clutch in 2012, recent wheel bearing service and a swap to polyurethane bushings in 2010. The MGA looks about as you’d expect after nearly 60 years, and several rust repairs will be required along the rocker panels.

With an asking price of just $11,000, this car is the most affordable on the list and most enticing for a wrench-savvy enthusiast. See it here on Portland Craigslist.

2. & 3. Coupe and Roadster Resto Projects

We’re pairing this ’58 1500 model roadster and ’59 coupe together, because they’re both in-process restoration projects and priced at $13,900 and $13,500 respectively.

"1500 cc engine matching, complete car, all the parts are new…"

The roadster has a lot of recent service work done, including an engine rebuild, brake and suspension work and some new interior parts. However the car is still in primer, and easily half the restoration work remains. The car does have some big pieces already covered though, especially if you’re hesitant to tackle the engine rebuild at home.

This one’s listed here on Miami Craigslist.

"Restoration Project – Solid - All Parts Except Rear Window – Purchased from 40 Year Owner."

The info is sparse on this one, and the photos are small as well, but it’s an attractive red coupe and therefore worthy of a spot on the list. The seller details that the car is a running project car with its original engine, purchased from an owner of 40 years. Other than that, all we’re told is that it sports new tires and wire wheels, and that there’s no rear glass included. It seems like all the parts are there otherwise, and if you’re good with your small British sports cars, this could be one of the most affordable coupes out there right now.

Check out the ’59 MGA coupe here on Indianapolis Craigslist.

4. Frame-off Restored ’57 Coupe

"Rare 1957 MGA Coupe. Body off restoration."

I won’t lie to you on this one folks, this is the one I’d have to have. I understand the appeal of the top down, wind in your hair motoring, but I’ve always been a hardtop guy. Now you can make the argument that the coupe’s hardtop ruins the MGA’s flowing lines, but I don’t see it that way. Like Jaguar’s Fixed-Head Coupe, there’s something about the MGA coupe that’s stately and dignified. I only hope the MGA coupe is a bit more practical than the Jag FHC, as I’ll concede that the visual from outside is better than the visual from within.

Roofline ramblings aside, I think you’ll agree that this is a spectacular example of an MGA 1500 for a great price. It’s had a recent frame-off restoration, with new paint, interior, trim chrome wire wheels and more. The seller also details that the engine was pulled and the cylinder head was rebuilt at this time. Also of note, is that the carburetors were rebuilt and a new wiring harness was installed with a negative ground conversion.

At just $19,500, I don’t see a downside to this car. It’s priced below Hagerty’s current value on a #3 Good Condition car, and it’s stunning inside and out. Listed here on Huntsville Craigslist, I wouldn’t wait on this one.

5. Frame-Off Restored Roadster

"There is a nearly complete history of maintenance and repair supported with actual receipts and invoices for the life of the car."

I get it, you’re not interested in an MGA that doesn’t go topless. I suppose I can subscribe to that, and honestly who could disagree with this ’56 1500 model roadster? It was frame-off restored roughly 10 years ago with a full engine rebuild at that time. On its present condition, the seller remarks that it’s “always garaged, well maintained and driven little; the car runs perfectly. If the odometer reading listed in the ad is accurate, 7,568 miles, then I’d say the seller’s being a bit modest.

The car is apparently entirely original except the 60-spoke wires, which wouldn’t have come in chrome, but are an appropriate upgrade with the off-white paint. The seller explains that there’s extensive maintenance and repair history with the MGA with actual receipts that covers the whole life of the car.

This one’s pretty hard to beat, and priced at $24,500, it’s still significantly below Hagerty’s price index for a car in its condition. Check it out here on Columbus Craigslist.

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