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Manta McLaren Race Replica

Manta Montage for sale

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

Bruce McLaren’s M6GT looks incredible today but imagine seeing it on the road in 1970. Indeed, McLaren himself drove one of just three M6GT coupes made on the street, and the car was reported to be faster than anything with a license plate attached.

Unfortunately, McLaren’s program to homologate the M6GT coupe was ill-fated, as FIA rules mandated that 50 identical versions of the car would have to be built to run in Group 4. But the design’s potential was proven by the open-top M6, which netted McLaren his first Can-Am championship.

It’s no surprise that McLaren’s M6GT has been replicated multiple times, given the GT’s stunning silhouette and the potential in "what could have been." The M6 replica seen here on eBay has a murky past, but it pays proper tribute to McLaren’s efforts regardless, by turning laps today with replica-friendly racing organizations.

The current owner of the car discovered it in 2017 at an estate sale in Reno, where it had been stored since the 1990s. The engine and transmission were MIA, so a hopped-up Chevrolet 383 was sourced, along with an Oldsmobile transaxle. The chassis is a nice-looking tube-frame design, with coilover A-arm suspension. With race slicks fitted, the owner reports that the car is blindingly quick and handles well.

After rebuilding and sorting out the car, the current owner raced it in 2018 and says that it can be raced with vintage groups that do not require provenance. With the Martini livery over the original gel coat and some large basket weave wheels installed, the car looks the part on the race track.

Having owned a half dozen Manta Mirages and Montages over the years, the current owner Dave W. speculates that the car either sports a Montage body or one of Randy Berry’s (of Marauder cars fame) bodies.

The McLaren replica is offered here in race-ready condition on eBay and asks $30,000 “Buy it now.”

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