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Grandiose Sport

1963 Corvette Grand Sport Replica

By Jeff Bruss

A brand-new, nicely finished Grand Sport replica will run you somewhere in the six figure range. This reproduction 1963 example isn't too far off from new numbers with a $79,000 Buy-It-Now price on eBay. Most of the body components appear accurate to the original Grand Sport treatments and this car certainly has the correct look, but digging into the details leaves us wanting a bit more for that kind of money.

This car is dressed in the traditional Grand Sport blue with a white rally stripe and number 2 roundel – paying homage to A.J. Foyt's 1964 Sebring Corvette racer. The paint is unfortunately showing a few premature signs of age, including significant cracking in one area and a visible scratch in the roof.  

The interior falls a little flat in this car as well. A little too spartan and fiberglass-y for my taste, especially the inner door skins and dash. The low-back buckets with racing harnesses are a nice touch, as is the Hurst cue ball shifter.

A 383 cubic inch V8 tuned to a dyno-tested 486 horsepower pushes 488 pound feet of torque out through a C4 rear end. That works, but the correct engine would be an aluminum-block 377. The engine detailing is a bit dingy for an $80K ask. Most of the underpinnings were donated from a C4, including the A-arms and spindles and disc brakes on all four corners will keep your stopping in check. Photos show visible rust in areas on the frame and undercarriage.

Grand Sport replicas are attention-grabbing monsters, and this car fits that bill despite a few shortcomings. If you think the $79,000 asking price is palatable, a quick visit to eBay and a trip to Staunton, Virginia will make this little replica racer yours. Personally I think the ask is quite a bit high. I'd peg this car somewhere in the $50-60,000 range, and at $79,000 I'd label it a Grandiose Sport.

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