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Five Fast Fords For Sale Now

Fast Ford muscle cars for sale on Craigslist now

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers, Craigslist

1965 Mustang Coupe

As prized Mustang fastbacks become harder and harder to find, original pony-car coupes are getting more attention these days. This 1965 model for sale on Atlanta Craigslist, is a bit of an unconventional build with some real attitude.

The builder started out by widening the car with a Maier Racing wide body kit and huge ESR SR02 wheels sized 18x10.5. The body was then sprayed in Toyota Quicksand Tan, and the bumpers, mirrors and other details have been finished in matte black.

Under the hood, you’ll find the driveline from a 1995 Cobra Mustang with the addition of a Vortech supercharger. With GT40 heads and a trick intake, the standard Cobra engine was no slouch on its own at an underrated 240 hp, so the supercharger should make for a powerful and streetable setup. The seller estimates around 300 hp.

The interior is finished nicely with matching seats from TMI, but the tried-and-true Grant steering wheel sticks out a bit, and there’s some tidying up to do under the dash. Also, you can see inside the trunk that the restoration isn’t necessarily complete.

Overall, this is a hot Mustang coupe that likely goes as good as it looks. With the custom work though, you’ll have to shell out almost $40,000 to take it home. See it here on Atlanta Craigslist.

1969 Mustang Cobra Jet Fastback

Talk about a local strip hero... This ’69 Mustang was born as an S-code fastback, meaning it was equipped with the 320 hp, 390-ci FE big block. That engine is long gone though, and the seller reports that a freshly rebuilt 428-ci Cobra Jet engine is included in the sale.

The Mustang was optioned out well from the factory beyond its 390-4V engine. It was also equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, power disc brakes and Silver Jade paint, as evidenced by the seller’s Marti Report.

However the car didn’t stay like that for long, and is said to have been a drag car since new. It currently wears a retro paint scheme with a faded moniker on the door and plenty of sponsor decals. Spun-aluminum drag wheels and big Goodyear rubber complete the look.

It would be awesome to see this local legend cleaned up and terrorizing the many strips around Macon, Georgia, once again. Since the car wasn’t modified too extensively, there’s no reason you couldn’t drive it on the street as well — as soon as you pay the man $20,000 and apply for a bonded title that is.

See it here on Macon Craigslist.

1969 Mustang Mach 1

Where the last ’69 fastback proved the Mustang’s mettle on the track, this Mach 1 undoubtedly did its work out on the streets. With accentuated rear wheel arches and wide slot mag wheels, this Mustang is a well-preserved example of your average street machine of the late 1970s and early ’80s.

The car has presence, no doubt, but it should be able to back it up as well. In 1969, the Mach 1 was available with several different engines, including two 351-ci variants, making it tough to speculate which one is in this car. We’ll be optimistic, and go with the 290 hp Windsor four barrel, over its two-barrel counterpart. The engine has a slight over-bore, bringing its final displacement to 357 ci. A four-speed manual transmission and optional traction-lok differential complete the driveline, and the seller’s limited listing.

At a $15,000 asking price, this car is probably worth a look. See it here on Madison Craigslist.

1965 Falcon Hardtop

The Ford Falcon has long been overshadowed by the success of the Mustang (which was heavily based on Falcon), but these days the Falcon is starting to come into its own identity.

This Falcon is a 1965 Futura model, the last of its generation, and wears an older restomod restoration. With a slightly upgraded 302-ci V8, five-speed manual transmission and manual steering, this should be a fun car to drive. It wears American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels and a Thunderbolt-style teardrop hood in some photos.

The Falcon presents well, but is showing some age in its paintwork and upholstery. As a nice driver, the Falcon is priced appropriately at $13,900. See it here on Minneapolis Craigslist.

1972 Mustang Mach 1

Alas, a true project car. And this one runs and drives! Complete with a 351 four barrel and a four-speed manual, this Mach 1 is worth considering at just $6,000.

The seller identifies that the Mach 1 needs some work, namely rust repair, paint and most everything else, as it looks like the car has sat for some time. The car is complete though, and well optioned with a hot driveline and air-conditioning, in addition to the Mach 1 package. The car was offered with three different 351-ci Cleveland engines, including two different four-barrel variants. If this car were equipped with the R-code Cleveland H.O., it would be worth over $50,000 restored.

But zooming in close on the Mach 1’s air cleaner, we see the designation 351-CJ, which points to the other four-barrel option, the 351 Cobra Jet. At 266 hp (SAE net), the Q-code 351 is still a desirable engine, making this car worth about $48,000 in concours condition.

Find it here on Minneapolis Craigslist.

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