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1961 Ferrari 250 GT Replica

250 GT California replica for sale

It’s pretty difficult to have a conversation about Ferrari replicas without bringing up the 1961 250 GT California Spyder. The California’s great looks, spirited V12-performance and ultra-low production numbers made it a hit with Ferrari enthusiasts, but it was Ferris Bueller’s adventures on the big screen that (literally) launched it into national superstardom. It’s tough to say how much the hit ’80s film contributes to value of the 250 GT California today, but for one reason or the other, 250 GT Spyder replicas continue to sell, even today, like this brand new example offered for sale on eBay.

The original 250 GT California Spyder was a stylish open-top grand tourer designed for export to North America. Most bodies were made from steel, but were lightened with with aluminum hoods, doors and trunk lids. Power came from a 237 hp version of the Ferrari Colombo V12 engine.

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If you dream of owning a real 250 GT short-wheelbase California, you had better plan on winning the lottery, or stepping into millions of dollars in some lucrative fashion. Recent examples sold have fetched between $8.6 and $18.5 million at auction.

With these astronomical figures in mind, you might be wondering how much one should expect to pay to own their own tribute to 1960s Ferrari goodness. This new 250 GT replica on eBay asks a hefty $110,000, seemingly the going price for these cars.

Your $100,000+ does buy a couple cool things with this 250 GT. Under the hood is a tidy Ford 302 Windsor engine that looks to have been overhauled extensively, and topped with a Borla Induction EFI intake. With a Mustang II front suspension, 13-inch Wilwood disc brakes and adjustable coil-over shocks on all four corners, we’d assume the car handles quite well also. The interior looks well done too, and we wish the seller had included a close up of the gauges. 

The car hits most of the right marks on the exterior also, and only an enthusiast would second-guess it at a glance. The flush door handles are cool, but are a bit of a give-away. Also, the wire wheels on a Ferrari are tough to mimic, as few companies make a wheel that matches the depth of classic Ferrari wire wheels.

Overall, this 250 GT California replica is cool, and would probably be a riot to drive, but definitely carries an exclusive price tag.

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