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Exacting Unique Motorcars Cobra Roadster

Unique Motorcars 427 Cobra roadster for sale

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

In the world of Cobra replicas, you’ll find that most anything can be had, from mild to wild, and authentic to fully modified. Whatever your aspirations, it just takes an amount of cash and/or talent, and several manufacturers out there can help you make it happen.

When it comes to a thoroughly accurate, turnkey Cobra though, you’ll often find that most of your options start at roughly six figures (and be sure you’ve got extra to spend if you’re looking for aluminum). With these figures in mind, I’ll turn our attention to this Unique Motorcars Cobra on Craigslist. The car seems expensive initially at $75,000, but a quick look at the details, and this car starts to check off some pricey boxes.

The Unique Motorcars Cobra starts with a steel chassis and fiberglass body, which should be expected at this price range. From here, this car was treated to an exacting build process, with many original-style parts and period-correct items, including a 427 side-oiler engine. The seller stresses that it’s an “ORIGINAL 427 SIDE-OILER,” which is somewhat reassuring, as “fake” side-oilers are a thing.

While it’s not a common practice, some 427 top-oiler engines have been converted to side-oilers by machining new oil passageways. This process is not exactly embraced when it comes to a period-correct top-oiler, but the process is not as frowned upon when it comes to 427-ci marine or industrial engines. Sources indicate that these engines were cast with the side-oiler’s raised oil passage on the side of the block, but were instead machined to oil from the top.

The side-oiler lurking under the hood of this unique Motorcars Cobra has been dressed up in a nice, authentic fashion. It’s topped by a Holley 750 cfm carburetor with the telltale turkey pan housing surrounding it. The big-block Cobra’s coolant expansion tank is also under the hood, and the whole install is very sanitary. The seller claims the engine was dyno’d at 507 hp and 511 lb-ft. Backing up the 427, is a period-correct Toploader four-speed.

The interior of the Cobra is also done nicely, with a nice mix of authenticity and modern safety items. The interior is fully upholstered and features Smiths gauges, along with modern safety harnesses from Crow Enterprises and a compact fire extinguisher.

With a coat of Mercedes-Benz silver paint, Halibrand-style knock-off wheels and proper trim details, the Cobra presents exceptionally well. No doubt you’d see a lot of old timers running their fingers along the inside of the wheel arches at shows, along with the ever-present “so is it a real one?”

See it here on Birmingham Craigslist.

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