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Everett-Morrison for the Miserly

Cheap Everett-Morrison Cobra on Craigslist

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Craigslist

In the business since the 1970s with over 1,500 cars sold, the Everett-Morrison Cobra is well respected for its strong chassis and great body fitment. From the 4-inch round tube main rails, to the hand-laid fiberglass bodies on later cars, there are plenty of desirable features on the EM Cobra, which has helped build the company’s reputation. If you’re handy and not averse to a little risk, this EM Cobra project car on New Hampshire Craigslist is a great opportunity to get started for cheap.

We find this Cobra project halted at a pretty familiar stage in the build. Some nice groundwork has been laid by assembling the front and rear suspension systems (Mustang II in the front, and four-linked 9-inch in the rear), and it looks like the engine and transmission were mocked up at one point. Other than that, a few auxiliary systems and some cosmetic items were mocked up, likely allowing the builder to visualize the light at the end of the long tunnel, before progress halted. The car could probably be made into a roller to get it out of the garage, but the next owner is mostly starting at square one.

But let’s get on to some pros shall we. To start, I think the base mechanicals for this kit are solid, especially the rear four-link, and the TopLoader four-speed is a big bonus. The Windsor small-block appears to have been lifted from a donor vehicle, but it’s unclear whether it’s been freshened up beyond the blue paint, aluminum intake and valve covers. The body also looks to be in decent condition, although plenty of finishing work will be required. Otherwise, it looks like a radiator is included, headers for sidepipes, a shifter, steering wheel and other odds and ends. The seller does point out that you’ll have t source your own wheels and sidepipes.

From the details we’re seeing, this looks to be an early car, possibly from EM’s first decade in production (if the rear solid-axle was standard). The data tag tells us that the car was definitely built before 2008, as the company completed its move from Florida to Texas at that time. On the plus side, that means that this car is likely constructed on a 90-inch wheelbase like the originals.

The number I tend to keep in mind when I look at projects like this one is about $8,000. If the car is further along, has valuable extras included, or comes from a more reputable manufacturer, that number can go up. But around $8,000 seems to be the average starting point for projects like this one. I think the EM name adds a bit here, and maybe the four-link as well, so I don’t think the seller is too far off at $11,500. But of course, we don’t expect you to tell them that.

See the Everett-Morrison Cobra here on New Hampshire Craigslist.

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