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Entry-Level Grand Sport

Entry-level Corvette Grand Sport for sale

By Dean Larson

Connoisseurs of the Corvette Grand Sport have more options today than ever for getting into the driver’s seat of this iconic racer, but you’ll undoubtedly still pay a premium over other comparable replicas. Superformance’s GM-licensed Grand Sports are stunning, and second-to-none in build quality, but you’ll pay a lofty price for these qualities. Shop around on the used market and your options will likely include converted Corvettes with panels from Mid-States, and second-hand cars from Mongoose, D&D and others. These cars cans still cost as much as $90,000 to $120,000 though. This Corvette Grand Sport for sale on Craigslist has a refreshing $59,000 price tag, making us wonder if this budget Corvette could be a worthy Grand Sport replica.

Based on the relatively low price tag, you might assume this is merely a standard C2 Vette with modified Grand Sport bodywork. This is half true, as the car is a modified 1967 Corvette fit with many of the Grand Sport’s scoops, vents and louvers. However, the builders did put the extra effort into the chassis, basing the car on a steel tube chassis like the original. Under the hood is a late-model Chevrolet 350 small block with some nice upgrades (aluminum heads, roller rockers, and LT-1 pistons, rods and intake). What the 350 lacks in historical accuracy, it makes up in practicality, and the engine shows well all considered. The seller details that only 2,600 miles have been added since the car was completed. And the proof is in the paintwork, as the car looks clean and well kept.

If you’re shopping for a legit Grand Sport replica, this example shows potential, but has a few details that should be addressed. Inside the cockpit, the modern racing-style seats look a bit chunky and out of place. The large automatic shifter is also a slight letdown. The exterior presents well, but true Grand Sport aficionados will notice the omitted differential cooler on the rear. A few other items are absent on the bodywork, mostly venting and speed holes in the rear, but these items wouldn’t be missed on a street car.

At $59,000, you’re looking at an entry-level Grand Sport for the price of an average condition ’67 Corvette. Check out the seller's ad here on Craigslist.

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