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Deja Vu Cheetah Roadster

Shell Valley Cheetah roadster for sale

While routinely thumbing through the Craigslist classifieds today, I stumbled upon this awfully familiar looking Cheetah roadster. Finished in red and sporting Torq-Thrust wheels, I immediately thought back to a Shell Valley roadster we featured years ago. The car has changed some since then, but is undeniably the same radical-looking roadster.

This Shell Valley Cheetah replica features a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass body and steel rectangular tube-chassis. Like the original, the Shell Valley Cheetah is designed to be completed with Chevrolet components, and this one sports a Vortec engine hooked to a T-5 transmission. The ad states “Vortec 5.72,” so it’s hard to say if the seller is referring to the 572 cubic-inch big block, or the more common Vortec 5.7, but we’re leaning towards the latter.

The Cheetah has seen a few cosmetic changes since we saw it last. The polished Torq Thrust II wheels were swapped for a set with matte gray centers, a more accurate look. The silver Chevrolet badges have also been removed from the front and back end, but the telltale windshield graphic remains. The matte black headlight bezels are also a decent indicator that this is the same car.

The roadster has clocked 2,500 miles since completion and the seller claims the car has never been raced or abused—surely an exercise in will power. It’s difficult to comment on the $43,000 asking price because Cheetah roadsters are fairly uncommon on the used market, but the car matches up nicely with Cobras for sale for that money.

Check out our original coverage of the Cheetah Roadster here.

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