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Daytona Coupe Spring Shootout

We rank six Daytona Coupe replicas for sale now

By Dean Larson

Photos: Sellers — Craigslist, BringaTrailer.com

I won’t liken you to Goldie Locks, because that’d be impolite, and we won’t blame you for wanting for a Coupe that’s just right. You’ve found a few that were too expensive, some with too many miles, and so we’ve amassed some Coupes from the internet of varying styles. Between these select Superformances and FFRs, we hope you’ll find one or two perspective cars.

Superformance Coupe on BaT

Manufacturer: Superformance

Engine: 416 ci small block

Mileage: 12,000

Price: Internet auction/TBD

RCN Deal Ranking: 9/10

Coupe customers know quite well that the Superformance name brings a premium price tag, and we’d expect this Coupe to be bid to around $100,000. Superformance’s cars have a unique shape that can be identified in the roofline and nose, and are often equipped with top-of-the-line interior treatments. Built and sold as rollers, the cars are consistently high quality, proven by the odometer.

This Superformance was completed in 2002, and is powered by a 416 ci Ford small-block with AFR cylinder heads and an Accel fuel injection system. A TREMEC six-speed transmission handles gear shifts, and the car rolls on 18-inch, Superformance FIA-style wheels with TOYO Proxes tires.

The car has a high degree of curb appeal, with silver paint and black racing stripes, and lightly tinted glass to boot. You’ll find air conditioning, Stewart-Warner gauges and Alcantara inside, making the Coupe a comfortable place to be. Noted issues with the car are a faulty door actuator, fuel gauge and a few paint blemishes.

See the car here on BringaTrailer.com.

2016 Factory Five Type 65

Manufacturer: Factory Five

Engine: 306 ci Ford 289

Mileage: 503

Price: $58,000

RCN Deal Ranking: 8/10

A hot small block in Coupe with billboard rubber underneath, can it get much better? This 2016 Factory Five Type 65 Coupe is for sale on Memphis Craigslist, and has just 503 miles on the clock since completion. It wears an adaptation of a classic Shelby paint scheme, silver with orange racing stripes for a more contemporary look. Its Halibrand-style wheels wear the quintessential Goodyear Eagle Billboard tires, adding serious points in the nostalgia department.

Another highlight in this build is the powerplant — a hot 289 bored out to 306 ci. We weren’t able to find any information on the builder, “Lycans Motorsports,” but the engine is said to be fitted with an improved camshaft, a FAST EFI system and more. We were also able to spot Inglese logos on the fuel rails and air filters.

Since the car is essentially new, the seller is asking a healthy $58,000 obo for the FFR, slightly reducing our ranking for this deal. See the seller’s ad here on Memphis Craigslist.

VARA Class Champion Coupe

Manufacturer: Factory Five

Engine: 402 ci Ford small-block

Mileage: 2,000

Price: $95,000

RCN Deal Ranking: 8.5/10

Yes, you’ve already seen this Coupe, but it was definitely worth revisiting when we found the seller’s Craigslist ad. See, this FFR was offered for internet auction on BringaTrailer.com last week, where it failed to meet its reserve price. The car was bid to just $66,000, far short of the $95,000 asking price we found on the seller’s Craigslist ad. We’re willing to bet a fair number is somewhere in the middle, but don’t think for a minute that this is just a pricey Daytona Coupe replica. This car is a full-fledged racer that won a VARA championship in the GTO class in 2018.

See our Fresh Finds feature on this car here for more, and the seller’s ad can be found here on Los Angeles Craigslist.

Roush V8-Powered Superformance Coupe

Manufacturer: Superformance

Engine: 402 ci Roush small-block

Mileage: 18,314

Price: $115,000

RCN Deal Ranking: 7/10

Like the first Superformance on our list, this Coupe offers great looks and amenities — sort of a GT car version of the original Daytona. Motivating the Coupe is a 402 ci Roush V8 and TREMEC T56 transmission with a limited-slip differential out back. Included dyno sheets put the engine at about 337 hp and 373 lb-ft, despite the seller’s claim that the car has been “tuned to 500 horsepower.”

The Coupe’s exterior wears an agreeable shade of Royal Blue with Wimbledon White stripes and rolls on Superformance’s 18-inch FIA-style wheels. Full windshield wipers and mirrors are fitted and the glass has been lightly tinted. Inside you’ve got the standard Superformance amenities including air-conditioning and remote door locks, and roll-up side windows are a nice bonus.

This Coupe has been loved by its previous owner, who racked up 18,314 miles on the car since it was completed in the early 2000s. As for the cons, some light rock chips are present on the nose and the car could use some detailing under the hood. The seller is asking $115,000 for the Coupe, likely $10,000 high of fair value.

See the Superformance here on Las Vegas Craigslist.

CSX2299-Styled Factory Five

Manufacturer: Factory Five

Engine: 302 ci Ford small-block

Mileage: 10,753

Price: $44,995

RCN Deal Ranking: 7.5/10

Nostalgic looks and familiar, readily available mechanicals are what catapulted Shelby-styled kit cars into popularity, and this Factory Five Type 65 Coupe makes perfect use of that formula. The early Coupe build (2004) was completed using donor Mustang mechanicals, including a Cobra 302 and proven Borg Warner/TREMEC T5 transmission. The engine in the Coupe was warmed over with GT40 iron heads, Hooker headers and a few dress-up items. An 8.8-inch rear with Traction-Lok distributes power to the rear wheels.

The exterior of the Daytona has been dressed up with static-cling decals in the style of CSX2299. 15-inch Halibrand-style wheels wear BFG radials and twin side pipes run along each side. In true Daytona style, the interior is fairly spartan, but the car is fitted with air-conditioning. With 10,753 miles on the clock, expect to see some signs of use, including paint chips and some seat wear.

We took into account the higher odometer reading on this Type 65 in our deal rating, but this Coupe still has a lot to offer. The seller is asking $44,995 here on Dallas Craigslist.

Spring Shootout Champion: Freshly-Built Factory Five Coupe

Manufacturer: Factory Five

Engine: 351 Windsor based 393 ci

Mileage: 1,300

Price: $45,000

RCN Deal Ranking: 10/10

Burgundy might not be everyone’s jam on a Daytona, but one look at this beauty on Modesto Craigslist might have you singing a new tune. With a fresh small-block stroker under the hood, loads of polishing and nicely sorted details from top to bottom, this is the Coupe we’d be buying — especially at just $45,000!

The core of a good Coupe starts out with a hot small-block Ford, and this FFR delivers with a 393 ci Windsor-based small-block. The engine is dressed up with a host of polished bolt-ons, but isn’t too blingy. There’s only one shot of the engine bay, making it hard to see observe more details, but it looks like there might be a set of aftermarket heads bolted up. The rest of the driveline consists of a TREMEC five-speed and a Ford 8.8-inch limited-slip differential.

The exterior of the Coupe is fairly standard but extremely well presented. Burgundy paint covers the fiberglass bodywork and shows nicely with all the polished accessories. The car rolls on Halibrand-style wheels with Nitto tires, and a pair of side pipes run along each side. The seller hasn’t provided an interior shot, but the the car is fitted with air-conditioning and power steering.

This Type 65 Coupe is being sold by its builder just 1,300 miles after its completion, who makes the following claims about the car’s condition:

“Everything new. Extreme performance and great show car. Only break in miles, never abused by owner/builder. Extreme detailing, show winner.”

With current California registration and a few break-in miles under its belt, this Coupe is ready to rock, and a solid buy at $45,000. Expect some tweaking and fiddling in the coming miles, as the car’s only logged 1,300 so far. But you’re looking at an essentially brand new Coupe here, likely for less than you’d spend building one.

See the Coupe here on Modesto Craigslist.

Rather finish it yourself? Here’s a stalled Factory Five build with a Coyote and T56 Magnum for $45,000 on Sacramento Craigslist.

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