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Custom MG TC Boattail Speedster

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, BringaTrailer.com

When the genuine article is too expensive, too rare or otherwise unobtainable, enterprising souls and talented hands will always find a way. That’s exactly how this MG TC Boattail Speedster came to be, inspired by an impossibly rare prewar MG racer. Currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com, this MG TC pays homage to the supercharged 1934 Q-Type, while also exhibiting handsome character on its own.

The Q-Type MG might very well be the most badass prewar car you’ve never heard of. MG raided the parts shelves from the K3, N-Type and P-Type to build a dedicated racer, and what they ended up with was a car generally considered to be way too fast for its chassis. And that’s no surprise considering the addition of a Zoller supercharger tuned from 25 to 28 psi was good for 113 bhp. MG turned the wick up even further on a sprint version of the car, achieving 146 bhp, or 200 bhp per liter, the highest engine output in the world at that time.

MG built only eight or nine Q-Types (sources differ on the subject) before coming to the conclusion that the car was simply too powerful for is rigid-axle chassis. This means that the Q is a hot commodity, and it’s hard to even track down a real valuation figure, as they don’t trade hands often. Rarity in mind, not to mention its nostalgic prewar appeal, it’s no surprise the owner of this ’49 MG TC opted for a Q-style rebuild.

The main visual features of the car’s transformation consist of new, cycle-style fenders along with boattail-style bodywork. All the metal work was conducted by a specialist in the U.K., before the application of the deep maroon paint. The builder also swapped the TC’s standard 19-inch wire wheels for 16-inch wires with Blockley tires to achieve the right stature.

But of course it’s also the boosted power output that made the Q-Type special, so the owner of this TC upgraded the 1,250 cc XPAG four-cylinder engine with an MG “Safety Fast”-style supercharger — likely an Eaton belt-driven unit with an SU carburetor tuned to 5-6 psi. Paired with the upgraded engine is a five-speed Ford T9 transmission, which should improve top end and drivability.

When done correctly with a cohesive theme, a build is always more than the some of its parts, and it’s safe to say this one’s more than a modified MG TC with a blower. The nicely trimmed interior and machine-turned dash invites you into the cockpit, where the satisfying whoosh from the Eaton-supercharged four-cylinder is sure to get your blood pumping.

Check it out here on BringaTrailer.com.

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