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Cadillac-Powered 1952 Allard K2

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Facebook Marketplace

Since any briefing on one of Sydney Allard’s motor cars starts with Flathead Ford engines, swing axles and quirky-looking hill climbers, it can be easy to forget the diversity of cars his company built. Beyond the iconic J models, Allard built high-performance two-seaters, dragsters, saloon cars, contemporary ’50s roadsters, wagons and even a stylish Drophead coupe. But I guess in the interest of transparency, quirky looks and swing axles were almost always common denominators. While Allard’s J models get more than their fair share of press, K models, like this 1952 K2 on Facebook Marketplace, are far more practical classics that can still be enjoyed to this day.

As opposed to the hardcore racing J models, Allard’s Ks were intended for pleasurable road use with some occasional competition. The aluminum two-seat roadster bodies featured separate fenders on the early cars, while the later K3 took on more conventional styling of the mid 1950s. The tried-and-true swing axle was used up front, while the rear axle would eventually transition from a leaf-sprung live axle to a de Dion-type suspension. In true Allard fashion, standard engine options included Ford and Mercury Flatheads, with other American V8s available from Chrysler and Cadillac.

Offered now after over 40 years of single-family ownership, this 331 ci Cadillac-powered 1952 Allard K2 is likely an investment-grade automobile with good future potential. It’s been treated to a complete frame-off restoration and runs and drives well. Compared to some other Ks, this K2 has the more stylish grille section, and the seller reports that it sports a rare side-mounted spare option. Of the 117-119 K2s built, the owner reports that this car is number 110.

As far as value goes today, Hagerty lists a concours condition K2 at $144,000, while an excellent condition car is worth $105,000. The seller indicates that some small “body touchup” needs to be done before the car is sold, so I doubt this one is in top-of-the-range condition. Interestingly, it also seems that the standard Mercury Flathead-powered cars are the most valuable ones to watch out for today, over the more commonly seen Cadillac-powered cars like this one.

Notions of value aside, I’d sit all day to hear the stories this car could tell after such long ownership history. The car is located in Windsor, Pennsylvania, where the seller asks $135,000 it here on Facebook Marketplace.

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