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1954 Allard J2X2

Offered by a private seller is this quirky cool 54 Allard J2X2 replica. In the complex lineage of Allard and Allard replicas, this example falls in the middle. The Canadian A.H.A. Manufacturing Company built the car in 1982, having received approval from Sydney Allard’s son to run a series of 2JX2s (the original cars being J2Xs). The car has Allard Owners Club badges and an Allard Motor Company Limited data plate ensuring its validity. This car also happens to be serial number 0001, the first J2X replica approved by the Allard Motor Company.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, the car has an all aluminum body with a fiberglass rear section. It's powered by a 383 stroker Chevrolet mated to a Borg Warner T10 four speed. The original J2X utilized a variety of American power plants making this an adequate choice for the car, but we wouldn’t be opposed to a more accurate Cadillac 331 swap.

How’s the $75,000 price? Well, a separate Canadian Company, Allard Motor Works, is currently building their new J2X Mark II replica. This replica has a full fiberglass body that is reported to be different in many ways from the original. The Mark II’s price tag is $135,000, making the older J2X2 nearly a bargain.

In our eyes, all this car needs is some historically accurate wheels and tires and someone to run it as hard as Sydney did back in the 50s. Check out the listing in Novato, California here on Hemmings. 

Text by Dean Larson

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