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Best Deal on a Cobra Today — 6/02

Secondhand Shell Valley is a bargain at $29,900

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Facebook Marketplace

When we’re looking for Cobras at an entry-level price point, say under $35,000, we’re usually prepared to make a couple concessions. But the car we’re looking at today seems to check all the right boxes at a price that’s sure tough to beat. Finished off well with great paint and body, Halibrand-style wheels, a hot stroker small-block and four-speed, and not to mention that it’s a quality product from a reputable manufacturer. Priced at just $29,900, this Shell Valley Cobra in Wisconsin could be the best deal on a Cobra today.

Born at Nebraska-based Shell Valley Classic Wheels as a builder kit, the Cobra is based on a 2-inch by 4-inch rectangular steel frame with a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass body. For power, the builder went with a Blue Print Engines 347 ci stroker small-block, which is hooked to a four-speed (likely TREMEC from the ad description), but no further deals are provided. Dropped foot boxes were spec’d for extra legroom and the car is fit with a D.O.T. windscreen. Bodywork was sealed in by a bright coat of candy apple red with silver stripes, complimented by a chrome exterior accessories and bolt-on Halibrand-style wheels. The car is fit with street car bumpers, the rear of which seems to protrude a bit far, and the wood dash may not suit all tastes. However, I think there’s very little here to disagree with for the price.

According to the seller, the car was placed in a museum sometime after it was completed with just 25 miles on the clock. Liberated sometime since, the car has now covered 2,000 miles and hopefully has had some of its bugs worked out in that time. Presentation seems to be top notch, and I’d expect this one look just as good in the flesh. The seller has even worked out a nifty 3D tour of the car that can be seen here.

Overall this one’s pretty cut and dried, you’re getting a great looking car, built to a tried-and-true formula at a great price. No sacrifices made. Unlike many other cars in this price range, you’re not dealing with whacky paint, lesser wheels or an excess of donor parts. For less than $30k, this one won’t last long.

See the Shell Valley here on Facebook Marketplace near Appleton, Wisconsin.

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