After nearly a full decade of building liquid-cooled 356 replicas, Intermeccanica has now introduced a second-gen version using Subaru power plants. These include the 2.2 L normally aspirated for European and Japanese markets, along with the 2.5 L normally aspirated and 2.5 L Turbo for North American markets. The Subbie setup required an all new engine mounting, cooling system and a proprietary exhaust system for the 2.5 L engines. Additionally, there’s a 5-speed option, using the Subaru gears rear engine/ drive converted transmission. Besides much higher power output, other benefits of this new drivetrain setup are the ability to carry more luggage and a 50-percent larger fuel tank that’s mounted further forward and lower within the steel perimeter chassis resulting in lower center of gravity and better weight distribution. 

Intermeccanica 356 Subbie 2